TNP to use grant to fight food insecurity

WARREN — Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership will be using a $48,918 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture to help local farmers sell their products.

The plans are to expand farm business knowledge, create a system where community members can share seeds and plant knowledge, increase access to local technical support resources, and connect more farmers to local processing resources for process planning and development.

TNP has two years to use the funds in the grant, according to Cassandra Clevenger, TNP’s GROW Program director.

“This is to help people who grow food to sell them,” she said. “It can be through classes, through making connections between the growers and those that sell the products.”

These funds will be used to help to address food insecurities in some area, by providing avenues to get fresh foods to underserved areas.

“We are looking for ways to encourage farmers and hobby farmers,” she said. “There are not a lot of folks out there growing real food for sale,” Clevenger said.

TNP is working with the Ohio State University Extension Center, Trumbull County Soil and Water and others on the program.

The Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program has existed since 1996 as a program to fight food insecurity through developing community food projects that help promote the self-sufficiency of low-income communities.

Community Food Projects are designed to increase food security in communities by bringing the whole food system together to assess strengths, establish linkages, and create systems that improve the self-reliance of community members over their food needs.



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