Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Oct. 5-9:


Stephen Mannella to Marilyn Spencer, 3164 Deer Trail Unit B, $75,000

Arlene M. Barkan to Karmen J. Butler, 3144 Woodland Trail Unit A, $95,000

Rocco J. Maiorca to Joshua R. Peachey, Prince, $110,850

Alexa Hall to Kelsey Cannell, 3184 Deer Trail Unit D, $111,800


Ellen S. Hrdlicka to Matthew Brobst and Leslie Brobst, 1544 Shanks Downs, $288,000


Cynthia Fullerton to Andy L. Zook and Irene Zook, 839 Housel Craft, $114,400

Ray E. Overly and Helen G. Overly to Larry Perris and Deborah Perris, 1622 Hyde Oakfield, $50,000

Charles E. Artman and Marilyn J. Artman to Lisa M. Hall, 2700 Mahan Denman, $159,000

William M. Kanchok Jr. and Cynthia A. Pawcio to James L. Vanwinkle, 2677 Mahan Denman, $140,000


John P. O’Brien to Gregory Kluchurosky and Judith Kluchurosky, 1303 Sharon Hogue, $349,000

Florence W. Paddock to Katherine Elaine Dumas, 7626 Stewart Sharon, $34,500


Joseph Shinosky to Anthony Bellatto, 390 Raymond, $280,500

Donna A. Marcello and Anthony J. Marcello to Ronald G. Anderson Jr., 161 Chapel Hill Drive, $160,000

Justin K. Rasey and Kimberly M. Rennolds to Charles G. Hamilton Jr., 3040 N. River Unit H18, $30,000

Robert J. Palmer to Tony A. Pullin, 4530 N. Leavitt, $107,900

James F. Guy Jr. and Shannon E. Foster to Lance Propst, 5330 Copeland, $129,500


Joseph R. Light to Robert Light and Jacquelyn Light, 123 N. High St., $35,156

Erik Kukkonen to Christopher McClelland and Lauren R. Hellekson, 322 N. High, $190,000

Alissa E. Russell to Pennymac Loan Servicing LLC, 150 Wall, $84,025

Wells Fargo Bank to M Walker Investments LLC, 281 Crinklewood, $110,000

Elizabeth C. Rice to Corey S. Nyako and Chananya Weerawon, 121 Thornhill, $245,000


George M. DeSavigny to Daniel Patchin, 6638 Girdle, $94,300

Daniel A. Patchin to Thomas D. Mooney and Tina S. Mooney, 153 Fourth, $30,000


Lex R. Prindle Sr. to Aaron Bower and Allan R. Bower, 4749 Ridge, $112,000

Frederick L. Retterer III and Helen W. Retterer to Andrew Retterer and Amy Retterer, 2057 Sodom Hutchings, $130,000


Lisa A. Reghetti to Justin D. White and Katherine M. Politano, 2067 Celestial, $332,000

Hunter Design and Builders LLC to David C. Cole and Marilee L. Cole, 125 Kingston Court, $55,000

Jared E. Wilmoth and Charlene O. Wilmoth to Kirk L. Timlin and Linda S. Timlin, 102 Kingston Court, $280,000

Robert P. Brown and Carol J. Brown to Daniel Jerry Prokup and Laureen Prokup, 2574 Forest Springs Drive, $305,000

Dennis J. Courtney and Mary Ann Courtney to Amanda M. George and Agnes M. George, 7826 Castle Rock, $174,000

Susan J. Hrensick to Janine M. Hubbard, 1485 North, $132,000

Salvatore Coppola to Thomas L. McCloskey and Beverly H. McCloskey, 273 Fuller, $104,900

Carol E. Kerr to Raymond D. Kriner and Nancy L. Kriner, 9375 Firestone, $215,000

Augustin Armendarez to Alan T. Koren Jr., 3914 Crestview, $124,500

MYD Investments LLC to Christie K. Plizga and Robert J. Plizga, Flora Court, $324,900


MLTZ Enterprises LLC to Christopher Younger, 102 Morris, $73,700


Kevin D. Beil to Elaine M. Tolbert and Anthony D. Simpson, 1314 Virginia Trail, $256,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Musawar Jamil, 4727 Fifth, $56,500

John L. Creed and Kathi J. Creed to Robert A. Jackman and Diane Jackman, 1983 Oriel Rogers, $57,000

Arthur L. Johnson and Tiffany Williams to Wells Fargo NA, 3185 Fifth, $56,000

Kathleen Booth to April R. Hether, 4143 Kay, $60,000

Margaret A. Hatch to Dorothy Pierce, 1012 Chrysann, $157,000


Brett L. Ford to Jalon Lee, 2948 Warner, $230,000


Lois J. Stinson to Christopher G. Shipman, Stewart, $69,300


John V. Munn and Hannah R. Munn to Linda S. Meadows and Douglas E. Meadows, 2844 Carson Salt Springs, $170,000


Brandon Shields to Spencer O. Santti, 417 Grant, $75,000


Robert Mokri and Diane Mokri to Chase O. Dunlap, 5270 Hoagland Blackstub, $99,900


Rayna Estes to Daniel Smith, 319 Oak Knoll, $81,500

Dale L. Bungard and Hope R. Bungard to Divvy Homes Warehouse LLC, 64 Eagle Point Drive, $232,000

Robert Tursack Jr. and Jamie M. Tursack to Abraham Wheaton, 3090 Malibu, $157,000

Mary Ann Ricci to Albert Richard Monteville and Marie E. Monteville, 2033 East River Road Unit 34, $158,000


Thomas J. Wiltrout and Ashlee M. Mills to Sharon Abrams, 2515 Fifth, $142,000

Lawrence Felts and Julia Felts to Sassualle S. Phillips and Tennille J. Phillips, 125 Leslie, $55,000

Joshua A. Nowajewski and Kristen N. Nowajewski to Michael Joseph Dibble, 138 Blossom, $125,000

Ravog Property Management LLC to Michael Anthony Ryan and Theresa Ann Ryan, 324 Sayers, $57,900

Joanne Luhaney to Gabriella Sandy, 134 Sheridan, $54,000

Jie Lin to Advanced Lightwave Communications LLC, 110 West, $60,000

Ronald S. Price to Todd J. Wolf and Kelly A. Wolf, 1525 Bellevue, $140,000


Melanie A. Schaaf to Dustin M. Schaaf, 4655 Hoffman Norton Road, $370,000


Kathy Kanchok to John J. Weaver and Sarah M. Weaver, 6365 Haynes South, $54,900

Cynthia L. Kanchok to John J. Weaver and Sarah M. Weaver, 6365 Haynes South, $54,900


Jack D. Humenik Sr. to Jessica M. Humenik, 1075 Youngstown Kingsville, $134,000

RO to Scott Schultz and Stacey Kraynak, 5084 Coal Road, $120,000

Kevin J. Horner and Patty Kay Oxendine to Valerie L. Gombos, Ridge, $58,000


Emmanuel Angelis and Margarita Angelis to George Butcher and Beverly Butcher, 206 Iddings SE, $24,500

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc to Riley Construction of Ohio LLC, 350 Fairmount, $30,000

Kikora Properties LLC to Jarrett Jon Marcello, 1014 Central Parkway, $38,000

Robert Raymond DiCesare Jr. to Jack E. Wolff, 1767 Drexel, $105,000

Gary Lamont Riggins to Joshua L. Zimmerman and Shirley A. Zimmerman, 1359 Meadowbrook, $55,000

David Sullivan and Frances Sullivan to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 1364 Adelaide, $29,000

Alana B. Orfanos to Logan Reinard and Tracy Reinard, 285 Washington, $34,000

Natale Property Management LLC to David A. Zigmont and Michele M. Zigmont, 307 Roselawn, $125,000

Lynne Ann Marinelli to Marti J. Callahan, 1173 Surrey Pointe, $150,000

James F. Korthas Jr. to Jose G. Martinez, 776 Hazelwood, $37,000

David A. Burton to Corey J. Bauer, 7810 Anderson, $89,900

Vaughn E. Sayers and Lucille E. Sayers to Henrietta Thompson, 829 Terra Alta, $25,000

Gregory S. Baldwin to Franklin R. Manios, Elm, $82,500

Renee Dudley to Cassandra Dines, 1026 Willard, $74,000

Carolyn Solakakis and Jerry Petricini to Jacquelin Shannon, 3840 North Woods Unit 1, $68,000

Raymond D. Kriner and Nancy L. Kriner to Dwight Dumas and Lori A. Dumas, 1175 Millikin Place, $210,000

Robert G. Cromley and Kathy S. Cromley to RSBN Holdings LTD, 5932 Eagle Creek, $36,000

Patrick D. Johnson to Jill Cuckovich and Robert Brady, 1611 Westview, $96,000

Susan Kathleen Bishop to Michael A. Bagaglia, 2085 Clermont, $24,000

Christine M. Thomas to Joseph Martin Sebest III and Caitlin Hrus, 3871 Long Hill, $137,200


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