Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Aug. 31 to Sept. 4:


William E. McCleary and Teresa L. McCleary to James A. Gorse and Inez N. Gorse, 3394 Ivy Hill Circle Unit C, $79,000

Mary Anne Emery and David Earl Denman to Kent Eldon Hightower and Alma Delia Salinas, 1050 Wilson Sharpsville, $177,000

Ronald E. Nutter and Irene A. Nutter to Forrest David McMichael and Karen Sue McMichael, 2115 Stonegate Drive, $315,000


Gladys H. Mahan to Gladys H. Mahan, 1803 state Route 88, $116,000

Kathleen Gustovich to West Wind Property Solutions LLC, 6111 state Route 45, $20,000

Deutsche Bank International Trust Company to Abdallah Holozadah, 5106 Miller South, $42,000


Toni Lyn Adams to Bradley Likens and Dianah Likens, 6211 Amy Boyle, $146,000


William Jones to Wendy L. Wenger, 5256 Mahoning, $181,500


Nathan M. Mailach and Danielle M. Mailach, Abagail Agler, 350 Deer Creek Trail, $241,500

Cortland Industrial Developers to Robet E. Hoy and Nacny C. Hoy, Spring Creek, $28,000

Donna M. Gano to Thomas Hennessy and Val Hennessy, 350 Tessa Place, $230,000

Mary B. Kachurik and Dale L. Markovich to Brad A. Angeny and Michelle Angeny, 203 Tournament Trail, $119,900

M Walker Investments LLC to David W. Kay, 432 Greenbriar, $282,500

Corey J. Mymo and Theresa R. Mymo to Wells Fargo Bank, 281 Cricklewood, $72, 921

Ralph L. McCord and Paula S. McCord to Anthony J. Marcello II, 106 Turquoise, $147,000


Wayne Detweiler to Marlin P. Hostetler and Ruth Hostetler, 5200 Ensign Road, $285,000

Robert Light and Jacquelyn Light to Andy A. Miller and Betty M. Miller, 4782 Larson West, $197,500

Melvin M. Detweler Jr. and Karen Detweiler to Andrew Miller and Christine Byler, 5324 Ensign Road, $255,000


Nicholas Maiorana to Jenna M. Lacells and Nathan Dukes, 932 Highland, $93,000

Emmor F. Snyder to Samuel A. Durig, 111 Harry, $58,500

Tricia A. Terlesky and Tod J. Terlesky to VT Larney LTD, 246 Churchill, $47,500

Veronica L. Macek Deppe and Frank J. Macek to Mark J. Matzye and Deanna L. Matzye, 1745 Oak, $210,000

Theresa Arthur to Mark J. Arthur, 139 Olive, $41,000

MWD Asset Servicing LLC to Nicole S. Keck, 53 Townsend, $60,000


Nelson R. Meikle to Richard Vukovic and Lydia S. Vukovic, 5075 Gardner Barclay, $197,500


Robert A. Jewell and Susan E. Jewell to Rachel E. Martin, 2707 state Route 7, $30,000


Chad E. Beach and Amanda L. Beach to Akedia Witter and Edwin Orsorio, 4022 Devon, $120,000

Janice L. Taillon and Greg J. Tallion to M. Jean LeRoy, 129 N. Aspen Court Unit 1, $155,000

LAS to Mihir N. Patel, 7747 Raglan, $174,601

Jardine Enterprises Inc to Dustin R. Lambert, 4063 Jeanette, $127,000

Darryl J. McKee Jr. to David Douglas udy and Kristen M. Budy, 2516 Forest Springs Drive, $345,000

Kari J. Simeone to Jeffrey Morataya, 8900 Briarbrook, $188,000

Carol J. Hughes to Chulman Builders LLC, 4030 Northwood, $95,000

Janet L. Shiley to C.A. Hitchcock LLC, 953 Niles Cortland, $224,000

Victoria L. Rogers to Brian R. Tomlin and Jamie L. Tomlin, 1125 Roseway, $170,000

Phoenix Commonwealth Inc to Robots Real Estate LLC, Phoenix, $450,000


Anita Biastro to Julie M. Lengyel, 6152 Chestnut ridge, $190,000

Nathan Wilson and Danielle Wilson to Marie C. Mansfield, 511 Erie, $167,500

Holly M. Gibas to Sarah L. Amos and Russell Johnson II, 311 Elmwood, $93,000

Robert A. Johnson to Kyle David Haynes, 5935 Mount Everett, $125,000

Dustin T. Richards and Taylor M. Richards to James Lee Bullen and Marisa Lynn Bullen, 2142 Ruth, $125,000

Mark Cianciolo to Robert O’Hara and Mary Jane O’Hara, 326 Myron, $157,000


Micah L. Cheshire and Katherine N. Cheshire to Rachel M. Ryan, 6159 Porter, $136,500


Melissa Binder Drawdy to Jaime O. Merced, 386 Goldie, $92,000

Melinda M. Einzig to Francisco Henriquez, 985 Colonial, $40,000

John R. and John R. Pompeii Jr. to Liberty Group III LLC, ARMS, $360,000

Thomas L. Williams to Stephen C. Sierra, 671 Goist, $50,000

Laura J. Sewickley to Carolyn Faucette, 3590 Ohio, $147,000

Paul Varanelli and Naomi Jones to Derek S. Riley and Audry Marie Riley, 443 Goldie, $70,000


Sharon A. March and Cheryl Swegan to Sharon A. March and Cheryl Swegan, Palmyra Road, $21,000

Bennan LLC to Joshua E. Smith, 1250 Carson Salt Springs, $72,000

Bruner Land Company Inc to Victor J. Cunningham and Tarianne Cunningham, Palmyra Road, $31,250


David Ragozine and Laura Ragozine to Gary A. Pugh, 242 Ohio, $26,000

Frederick S. Gault to Raymond Daugherty and Diana Daugherty, Iowa, $112,000

Richard P. Vukovic and Lydia S. Vukovic to Brian Melik and Stephanie Melik, 740 Connecticut, $170,000

Anthony M. Parise and Sandra L. Parise to Dustin Rivera, 465 Nebraska, $100,000


Esther Hostetler to Deborah A. Nolan, 8634 state Route 534, $35,000

Deborah A. Nolan to Wallace A. Byler and Allen W. Byler, 8634 state Route 534, $86,900


Martin Hutchinson and Elizabeth Hutchinson to Tiffani Krzywkowski and Starbuck Krzywkowski, Selkirk Bush Road, $36,000

Samantha Etto to Anne Robertson, 6 Franklin, $45,000

Jacalyn Ann Allman to Urie U. Byler and Susan J. Byler, Newton Falls Tomlinson, $400,000

Dolores Davis to Melissa Christine McGarry and Christian D. McGarry, 42 Orchard, $30,000

Reid B. Lamport and Michele L. Vosburgh to Angela Pagano and Nancy E. Pagano, 2033 East River Road Unit 1, $126,500


John T. Snyder to Erik R. Loy and Crystal M. Loy, 311 Grant, $30,000

Phyllis A. Matteo to Kathleen Basilon, 136 Mistletoe, $115,000

Christine L. Beheler to Levi Dunn and Haley A. Heckathorn, 221 Lafayette, $35,000

MB Asset Management Company to GM Asset Management LLC, 639 Robbins, $165,000

John Hohvart to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 516 Cherry, $25,000

Michael J. Sergi and Kristinn M. Sergi to Petros Albert Liberopoulos and Brittany Liberopoulos, 2704 Deer Trail, $385,000

Christian Hansen and Leslie Hansen to Matthew Hansen, 425 Fulton, $63,000

Mae Trust to Yvonne G. Savin, 516 Sherman, $38,000

Bartholomew R. Deneen to Donald R. Floyd, 176 Oak Knoll, $25,400

John A. Mosora to Joseph E. Poling and Cynthia K. Poling, 851 Cynthia, $150,000

Ralph E. Masters and Linda G. Masters to Michael A. Cesario, Wyoming, $42,900


Andy U. Byler and Erma M. Byler to Andy U. Byler and Erma M. Byler, Painesville Warren, $125,000


Adam R. Gollan and Katherine Gollan to Timothy J. Swogger and Sandra L. Swogger, 5018 Pin Oak, $105,000

Terry J. Boggs to Chase H. C. Swonger, 1269 Kingsville, $110,000


Valerie Grant and William E. Beatty Jr. to Nathan R. Johnson, 2950 Jay, $89,000

John Williams II to Delrecco T. Dukes and Jacqueline Dukes, 2871 Beal, $130,000

Paraskos Giourgalis to Steven C. Hanshaw and Alicia J. Hanshaw, 2810 Woodland, $112,600

Elisabeth M. Farone to Atlas A. Ford Sr., 3861 North Woods Unit 3, $98,600

Michael Lusk and Scott Lusk to Paul A. Steele and Tiffany E. Steele, 4268 Dorothy, $95,000

Paul A. Steele and Tiffany E. Steele to Paul A. Steele and Tiffany A. Steele, 4268 Dorothy, $95,000

TAG Resources LLC to Last Resources LLC, 2324 Stephens, $42,500

Frank L. Calvin and Andrea L. Calvin to Jonathon C. Ramey, Oak Knoll, $150,000

TAG Resources LLC to TMB Resources LLC, 2127 Stewart, $40,000

Sevenseventeen Credit Union Inc to EROS 74 Investment LLC, 1880 Mahoning, $24,000

Jonathon C. Ramey to Gregory W. Wilson and Debra J. Wilson, 1224 Hollywood, $54,000

Valerie E. McMillen to Jimmy A. Rose and Rammy L. Williams, 1946 Clermont, $36,000

Downtown Development Group LLC to Amelia Joy Mack and Trenton John Page, 124 North Park Unit No. 200, $121,000

Jeffrey T. Chicko and Pamela M. Chicko to EROS 74 Investments LLC, 1724 Ogden, $35,000

James E. McCreanor and Suzan A. McCreanor to Jonathan P. Shirah and Valerie Ann Shirah, 338 Willard, $60,000

Willie Golar to Paul J. Tessler and Susan E. Tessler, 4470 Willow Creek, $115,500

Michael Finley and Patricia Finley to Jeremy C. Matthews, 1955 Sheridan, $86,900

Laruke Development Inc to 4400 Youngstown Warren LLC, 4400 Youngstown, $295,000


MTF Property LLC to Mariano Kongo and Christine Longo, 1419 Ohltown Girard, $45,000

Priscilla Sue Baker to Dennis Detweiler and Jane Detweiler, 960 Webb, $165,000

Patricia J. Altomare to Norma J. McElhaney, 1489 Payne, $72,000


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