Ambulance company sues Warren, Trumbull County over contract

WARREN — MedStar Emergency Medical Services and Transport filed a lawsuit against the city and Trumbull County for breach of contract because the county 911 staff — despite knowledge of an exclusive contract between the city and the ambulance company — sent hundreds, if not thousands, of emergency calls to other providers.

Warren and MedStar entered into three contracts beginning in 2015 in which the ambulance company was named the city’s exclusive provider of emergency transport, according to the lawsuit. The professional service agreements were entered in 2015, 2017, and 2018. The most recent agreement was through Aug. 31.

MedStar is seeking fines for damages in excess of $25,000 each from the city and the county.

Warren Law Director Enzo Cantalamessa said the city would not comment on pending litigation.

MedStar, in accordance to the contract, was required to respond to every emergency 911 call, unless another service provider was requested by the caller, or MedStar does not provide the specialized services sought. Within the contract, the company also is to respond to each emergency call within eight minutes after receiving notification.

“The Trumbull County Dispatch unit that manages the E-911 calls for emergency ambulance services has no tracking management system and, instead, either randomly assign calls to ambulance services, or else is intentionally diverting them from MedStar,” according to the lawsuit.

“Based on historical records of E-911 calls for emergency ambulance and medical services, the city of Warren and Trumbull County, jointly and in concert, are wrongfully diverting hundreds or thousands of calls per year to other providers that, instead, should have been referred to MedStar,” according to the lawsuit.

MedStar is being represented in the lawsuit by attorneys Laura A. Hauser and Marc Dann.



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