Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 13 -17:


Robinson Real Estate Investment to Kimberly S. Baker, North Park, $158,000

Chelsea J. Munroe to Lydia M. Siekkinen, 3204 Deer Trail Unit D, $82,500


James L. Bontrager to T Jo Gallo, 8829 state Route 45, $20,000


Douglas Allen Moore to James David Head, 1842 state Route 534, $115,000

Keith E. Saltzman to Justin Len and Ashley N. Len, 4479 Shanks Phalanx, $140,000


Leland L. Hutton and Lee L. Hutton to Kevin Bemus and Candy Bemus, Mahan Denman, $48,900

Donna Anderson to Bryan Timothy McCracken, 5939 state Route 45, $54,500


Keith N. Koss and Vickie L. Koss to Ronald Miller, 342 Golf, $126,000


Jessica L. Arbie and Melissa S. Schmalz to David Christopher Orms, 1557 State, $102,000

Douglas Allen Moore to James David Head, 1842 state Route 534, $115,000

Donald F. Fitch to Deanne D. Fee and Cynthia J. Fee, Sabrina Lane, $26,000

Christine L. Heyd to Dwayne E. Barbe, 125 Greenfield Oval, $125,000


Dewey C. McCoy III to David M. Rolfe, 1546 Atlantic, $85,000

Scott D. Kovach and Janet C. Kovach to Ray Gilliam and Carol Gilliam, 146 Turquoise Drive, $158,300

Jerry A. Carleton to Jack Harned, 415 Cherry Hill, $265,000


Melany M. Suchora to Jeffrey L. Glunt, 526 Forsythe, $95,000

Ann Blazina to Cierra Hauach and Donald A. Ceo Jr., 215 Main, $65,000

Chelsea Guerrieri to Nicole M. Hyland, 961 Lawrence, $93,000

Kyle Swift to Lisa Tabor, 437 Liberty, $96,900

Shane A. Wyatt and Cassandra L. Wyatt to Michael David Cornelius, 530 Prospect, $98,500


Sumanlata Mathur to James B. Nicholas, 8131 Castle Rock, $112,000

Dana M. Caroline Wasser to Cody Dean, 398 Howland Wilson,$143,000

GJM to Tyler V. Bittner and Jessica J. Bittner, 8957 Cain, $183,500

Daniel P. Liska and Cynthia S. Liska to Mathew P. Sample and Courtney A. Sample, 354 Westchester, $315,000

Dolores M. Taylor to John R. Tarter and Ruth E. Tarter, 3771 Adrian, $60,000

John R. Shaw and Andrea M. Shaw to David E. Horn and Joann M. Horn, 2704 Howland Wilson Road, $510,000

Kara L. Busefink to VT Larney LTD, 8170 Venice, $110,000

Otis V. Davis to James L. Tyson, 9365 Firestone, $229,900

Stephen M. Musick and Patricia L. Spencer to Paul Nguyen and Julie T. Nguyen, 8550 Hidden Hills, $350,000


Dennis M. Cohol II and Norma Cohol to MMST Properties LLC, 50 Jackson, $39,000

Ida Mae Leonelli to Thomas A. Quintavalle, 627 Raymond, $75,000

David Madeline and Linda Madeline to Brian V. Kettler, 622 Jones, $89,900

Mina L. Harman to Dylan Thompson, 38 Henry, $117,500


Katherine Vankanegan to Tyler R. Piontkowski and Mary Louise Zader, 6817 Morford East, $84,000


James F. Morris to Brett A. Killing, 7018 Highland, $30,000


Estelle Silverman to James P. Burnette Sr. and Robinette Burnette, 18 Walker Circle, $180,000


Mark C. Tepsich and Lisa D. Tepsich to Kevin Ague and Mary Ague, 249 Ohio, $70,000


Joan S. Lewis to Rochelle Hedrick, 528 Housel Craft, $199,900


Marvin J. Byler and Mary Ann Byler to Adam J. Byler, 8605 state Route 534, $225,000

Timothy Baker and Michael Baker to Jay E. Davis, 9418 Girdle, $181,000


Brian R. Thompson and Brandon R. Thompson to Jeffrey A. Hughes and Byron R. Thompson, 3900 Salt Springs Road, $60,000


Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran to Hillcrest Commons LLC, 1462 Hillcrest, $1,225,000

Craig M. Jordan to Jeffrey M. Almburg, 110 Orchard, $62,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to IMMARC INC, 140 Woodglen, $42,000

Lisa M. Naples to Vernon Realty LLC, 580 Sherman, $49,190

ALB to Brian P. Fletcher, 405 West, $65,000

Ed Hecker to LM Planas Project Managers LLC, Hunter, $20,000


Jonas R. Hershberger and Betty T. Hershberger to Elke B. Doom, 2978 Warren Burton, $75,000


William R. Vincent Jr. to Joshua Sponsler and Megan Sponsler, 4865 state Route 7, $70,000

Helen E. Filer to James M. Miodrag and Christine M. Miodrag, 8244 Rutledge Transfer, $155,500


Alyssa L. Harris to Jeremiah J. See, 3071 North Tod, $94,400

Patrick S. Dudley and Adrienne Peterson to Patrick Sutton and Kourtney N. Potter, 790 Kenmore, $109,000

Helen K. Skovran to Elaine Titus, 2075 Atlantic, $89,900

Peak Odell II LLC to UNN Landholdings LLC, 2126 Colonial, $26,500

Dewey C. McCoy III to David M. Rolfe, 1546 Atlantic, $85,000

Michael E. Dorio to Andrea L. DeJacimo, 519 Butler, $111,000

Gosney Homes LLC to Ann Slaughter, 3269 Clearwater, $59,999

DBET Properties to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 2731 Linda, $35,500

Giovenco61 Realty LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 2731 Linda, $35,500

Funtulis Property Group LLC to MMMMGood Life LLC, 2731 Linda, $47,000


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