On the record – Hubbard Township

WHAT: Trustees meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Tom Jacobs, Fred Hanley and Rick Hernandez


– Approved the sale of three Crown Victorias for the police department, receiving $3,375 at auction;

– Heard from Jacobs he received a call from a resident of Trumbull Avenue wanting a light pole near her home as it is dark in the area. Officials said they will contact Ohio Edison to see if it could be part of an existing lighting district. Hanley said a new lighting district may need to be formed;

– Accepted the retirement resignation of J.B. Brooks as a part-time police officer, effective Aug. 15;

– Announced that Michael Begeot, detective / sergeant in police department, retired July 31 with more than 40 years. He worked in Hubbard Township since the 1980s and previously worked in Liberty. Begeot also is an instructor at police academies at Youngstown State University and Kent State at Trumbull;

– Reported police Chief Todd Coonce has returned to work full time after being on sick leave. Officials said he will be on the patrol until he retires at end of the year;

– Approved a policy that police on moonlighting assignments with vehicles be paid $40 per hour;

– Scheduled special meetings on police contract negotiations for 10 a.m. Aug. 17 and 21;

– Discussed getting an Ohio-shaped sign to place in a section of the cemetery by Cornerhouse Christian Church off Chestnut Ridge Road.

— Bob Coupland


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