On the record – Howland

WHAT: Township trustee meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Matthew Vansuch, James LaPolla and Rick Clark


• Promoted Randy Stottlemire from firefighter/ paramedic to lieutenant/ paramedic effective Aug. 1;

• Hired Mitchell Tikkanen as a part-time firefighter/ emergency medical technician at $12.39 per hour with no benefits;

Hired Cameron Gearhart and Zachery Hileman as full-time firefighters / emergency medical technicians at $20.07 per hour with benefits;

• Accepted the resignation of James Williamson, full-time lieutenant / paramedic who accepted a fire captain position in Brookfield;

• Accepted the resignations of William Steiner and Collin Davis, part-time firefighters / emergency medical technicians. Officials said Davis accepted a full-time position in Canfield and Steiner left for personal reasons;

• Approved AECOM Engineering Services for the Economic Development Administration CARES Act grant assistance at $12,000. The grant application for $1.8 million will target the Golden Triangle infrastructure improvements. The grant application is collaborative effort between Howland, Trumbull County commissioners, Trumbull County Engineer’s Office and Warren city, with each paying $3,000. Planning Director Kim Mascarella said this is for a large project at the Golden Triangle to optimize the public transportation system and help businesses there;

• Heard from police Chief Nick Roberts of a scam taking place of people being emailed a notice of a traffic citation they received that needs to be paid online. He said this is a scam and people should ignore and delete such emails since police do not issues citiations this way;

• Approved placing a 2000 International 10-ton dump truck on the govdeals.com auction site. The vehicle is not needed and is obsolete;

• Approved a contract with Compass Family and Community Services to provide an employee assistance program for one year to July 2021 at $1,800. There is no increase from last year. Administrator Darlene St. George said the company provides counseling and other advice to help employees in their daily lives;

• Cited 12 properties as nuisances in violation of township zoning codes due to refuse, high grass and debris. Owners have seven days to rectify the violations or the township will cut lawns and place costs on the property’s tax duplicate;

• Set Shredding Day and Fill-A-Cruiser Day for Saturday at the John Emmanuel Senior Center parking lot. The food items will be donated to the Bolindale Food Pantry. The Howland Farmers Market also is being held in the parking lot by Richard Orwig Park;

• Heard from Roberts that while there are no speed cameras being used by police, the signs are still posted in different locations as a deterrent.

— Bob Coupland


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