Lutz corn lovers crowd farm

Tom Kalasky of Lordstown, left, assists his neighbor, Tom Uher, in taking a wagon full of sweet corn to the parking lot Thursday at Lutz Farms in Warren Township. Hundreds of people lined up early Thursday to get the popular sweet corn, which will be available again today and Saturday at 9 a.m. Staff photo / Bob Coupland

WARREN TOWNSHIP — Hundreds of people did not seem to mind getting up early and waiting in line Thursday morning to get their favorite sweet corn from Lutz Farms.

Two long lines of people had formed before 9 a.m. at the front and back of a large barn on the Lutz Farm property with people waiting to get inside to fill bags and wagons with corn.

“There is nothing like this. I got 15 dozen to give to my customers,” said Todd Pippenger of Warren and with Todd Pippenger & Son Plumbing.

Pippenger was pulling a small wagon with several bags filled with corn to his parked vehicle.

“I have been coming here for years. I don’t eat sweet corn from anywhere else. This is the best,” he said.

Allissa Fox came all the way from Boardman with her children, Haylee, 5, and Connor, 4, who both say they like corn.

“We all love corn and this is our favorite. I come back here every summer to get their corn. I grew up on this corn,” she said.

Shellie Bartoloni of Warren was given a wagon to collect the corn.

“I have never seen the lines this long before but it is the best corn in this area. I don’t mind waiting. It is worth waiting for,” she said.

Lutz Farms employees were enforcing social distancing with people spaced apart in lines.

Julia Boyd of Newton Falls was disinfecting baskets, wagons and carts that the public could use to take their bags of corn to their cars.

Boyd said she was home from college to help her aunt Dolly Lutz and other Lutz family members.

“They have the corn ready for people to get on certain days. The long lines are not unusual. Every year that I have been here helping is always like this,” she said, noting while the lines may be long at first, the people move through quickly inside when getting the corn.

Tom Uher of Lordstown said he was at the event last week also to get corn and wanted to return since it is so good.

“Everyone gets here early, but the corn is great so no one minds the wait,” he said.

Mahar Hameed of Warren got eight bags of corn, which he said he will give to his family and friends.

“This is fun and the corn is great,” he said.

Dolly Lutz, one of the family members who owns Lutz Farms, said since they began selling corn this summer it is not uncommon for lines of people to be around the building and along South Leavitt Road.

“It depends on how many wagon loads of corn we have available for the day. Some days people will have to wait and other days not at all. Whenever the corn is available we have it for sale. We will be open Friday and Saturday mornings this week,” she said.

The public can call 330-898-0307 to get information about the next date corn will be available.



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