Storms causes damage in Fowler, Vienna

Staff photo / Allie Vugrincic Jim Michaelac looks at damage to trees in a neighbor’s backyard on Sodom Hutchings Road in Fowler on Friday afternoon. A storm that hit Fowler and Vienna townships particularly hard brought down trees and power lines and temporarily flooded roads and yards. At least six trees came down at the Michaelacs’ property, and a small greenhouse was damaged by debris. Across the street, two trees broke, falling on a garage.

FOWLER — A storm that blew through Trumbull County on Friday afternoon hit Fowler and Vienna townships particularly hard, bringing down trees and power lines and causing temporary flooding in the road and yards.

After the storm, families could be seen collecting debris outside their homes. Vivian Neral, 2, of Orlando, Fla., and her family’s four dogs were enjoying a large puddle in grandparents Jim and Lynn Michaelac’s Sodom Hutchings Road yard.

The Michaelacs counted around six trees on their property that came down in the storm, as well as many smaller branches. Their small greenhouse was damaged by branches, and corn stalks were blown down in the storm.

“It seemed like it came from all directions,” Jim said.

Across the street, two trees snapped and fell on the back of a neighboring house’s garage.

In Vienna, several trees came down between the 4100 and 5100 blocks of King Graves Road, including one that fell across the road. Vienna Township fire cleared away the tree and the road was reopened quickly to traffic. Trees also were reported down on Sodom Hutchings and Cadwallader Sonk roads, according to Trumbull County 911 dispatchers.

Parts of King Graves road temporarily were flooded during the downpour, according to reports. Some yards remained flooded for hours after the storm cleared as water surged through drainage ditches along the road.


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