Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County June 22- 26:


Cheryll J. Creed to Kimberly D. Mascarella and Stephen G. Lardis, 3610 Hoagland Blackstub Road, $35,000

Mark J. Dearborn Jr. to Ryan Cathers and Kristen Cathers, 3254 Deer Trail Unit A, $99,000

Lindsay N. Cooney to William J. Protiva, 3083 Ivy Hill Circle Unit B, $69,000


Jody J. Passen to Joseph Trupia, 365 Brookfield, $67,000

Robert Victor Kruppa to Amanda M. Fularz, 6267 Amy Boyle, $160,000


Christine R. Verhas and Rudy F. Verhas to Johnie Ramsey III, 2188 Clearview, $149,900

Frederick Warring Jr. to Howard J. Sheely, 174 Airport Road, $130,000

Thomas Lake to Kaliegh S. Kistler, 182 Airport, $73,150

Larry R. Brady and Lynne R. Brady to Larry R. Brady and Lynne R. Brady, 6811 Park Ave., $63,000

Joshua S. Moor to Todd Baxter, High, $78,500


Florence L. Martie to William J. Hummel and Barbara J. Hummel, 6750 Mahoning, $60,000

Rachael L. Riddle to Meghan J. Gregory and Riley C. Barker, 213 Hillman, $99,500


James J. Amato to Alicia L. Kendzor and Josef C. Heinz, 250 Second, $70,000

Robert A. Detweiler and Nancy B. Detweiler to Chester C. Miller and Martha M. Miller, 172 Second, $150,000

Steven C. Byler and Ruth Ann Byler to Jacob D. Miller and Viola D. Miller, 143 state Route 88, $135,000

William W. Byler Jr. and Marcia J. Byler to William W. Byler Jr. and Marcia J. Byler, 5368 Girdle, $150,000

Joseph M. Detweiler and Betty Ann Detweiler to Steven C. Byler and Ruth Ann Byler, 5240 Phalanx Mills Herner Road, $227,000


Tod M. Latell to Rebecca J. Garrett, 1116 Washington, $99,999

Ray H. Saviers to Alfred L. Falgiani Jr., 10 Kline, $36,000

Dennis J. Courtney and Mary Ann Courtney to Sarah D. Houston, 223 Liberty, $133,000

Paul E. Gerthung and Mary T. Gerthung to Sami Yacoub, 916 Highland, $89,900


Michael Bell II to Dillon W. Nezbeth, 485 state Route 46, $122,500

M Walker Investments LLC to Kennedy Sidley, 1505 Howland Wilson, $157,500

Kimberly K. Depinto and Dorothy L. Kibler to Robert L. Burgess and Anna L. Burgess, 952 Rosegarden, $160,000

Jamie M. Reghetti to Garland W. Boone, 3431 Draper, $128,900

Frank Spano Jr. to Timothy Silker and Julie Silker, 2500 North River Unit A8, $33,750

Rebekah R. Smith to Marsha L. Smith, 4044 Aleesa, $122,000


Thomas R. Wess and Mandy J. Wess to Clay Ruffo, 26 Princeton, $128,500

Hometown Services LLC to Michael Quaglia, 1010 Doris, $115,000

Marie J. Kowalski to James G. Morrison III and Nadine Nevarez, 3685 Homewood, $76,000

Thomas G. Raseta and Sheri Lee Raseta to Joshua Sloan and Karen Sloan, 263 Hager, $134,000

Joshua D. Wingard and Lydea R. Kraynak to Drew Vaccaro and Richelle Vaccaro, 895 Elmwood, $144,000

Ryan B. Hovis to William Paul Wittenauer and Nancy D. Wittenauer, 880 Elaine Court, $240,000

Robert M. Motok and Monica A. Motok to Rebecca Lynne Terry, 3203 Seifert Lewis, $72,905


George B. Chernisky to Justin T. Peigowski and Debra L. Fabian, 364 Beverly Hills, $96,153

Olga D. Malmisur to Diann Wess and Thomas Raymond Wess, 910 Ravine, $220,000


Theresa Darnley to Benjamin Percy Plant and Natalie Renae Plant, Pennsylvania, $92,000

Annemarie Roman to DJWATT Properties LLC, 807 Iowa, $135,500


Carol D. Bidenbach to Christopher Coblentz Jr. and Aubrey J. Coblentz, 2510 state Route 88, $134,000


David A. Detweiler and Betty Ann Detweiler to Robert J. Miller, 5333 state Route 87, $120,000


Keith R. Weekly to Joshua Chicko, McKinley, $105,000

Judith R. Lyngstad to Linda Workman and Leonard Workman, 3239 state Route 534, $105,000

Bradley S. Ward to Michael Smetts and Eliviya Reed, 417 Ravenna, $99,900

Robert C. Klemm Sr. to Roy Moore, 328 Grant, $50,000

Mary Ann Biltz to David Butts, 2271 Robinwood, $113,000

CG & WG Investments LLC to Todd J. Kinsey, 4445 Arlington, $130,000

William J. George Sr. and Carrie I. George to Todd J. Kinsey, 4435 Arlington, $130,000


Christopher M. Hitchings to Todd M. Hickox and Krystal L. Hickox, 19 Brentwood Boulevard, $95,000

Erin M. Moore to Alec Cole, 424 Scott, $89,900

Lisa Morrison to Christopher Bishard and Micaela Bishard, 228 Russell, $86,500

BTHB to Patricia M. West, 1607 Difford, $96,500

Michelle M. Lukanec and Danielle Tricker to Jalto Holdings LLC, 1529 Niles Cortland, $200,000

Rebecca Marie Barrios to Durst Holdings LLC, 156 Mill Creek, $40,900


Marvin W. Miller and Mary Ann Miller to Paul O. Schmucker and Susan W. Schmucker, 4233 Doty East, $240,000

Malvern W. Schmucker to Richard Biles, Barclay Messerly Road, $41,500


Aaron Johnson and Amy M. Johnson to Adam M. Johnson, 1162 Ridge, $144,000

GO America LLC to Kimberly A. Vaughn, 4471 Mary Ellen, $100,500

Clara M. Fercana to Nicholas Peterson and Elizabeth Thomas, 5350 Smith Stewart, $149,900


James Lassiter and Kathleen Lassiter to Stacey R. Lutz, 428 S. Leavitt, $47,000

Tracie L. Sackett to Stanley Schmidt and Jenny Case, 1834 Clemens, $57,000

Kimberly K. Mangine to JoAnn Griffiths, 826 Bonnie Brae, $82,000

Jimmie D. Maher to M&M Land Management LLC, 2801 Leavitt, $65,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to PMD Properties LLC, 1329 Bingham, $37,500

Paul J. White to Jesse Jarrett and Brittany Walters, 737 Genesee, $94,000

Nancy D. Beatty to Charles E. Ohlin, 4040 Oak Knoll, $50,000

Lindsay M. Platt to Martise C. Fortson, 2951 Northwest Boulevard, $62,500

Teresa A. Helmik to Taylor A. Baker and Robert Baker, 390 Central Parkway, $67,000

Judith M. LaPolla and Daniel P. Thomas to Sharrie A. Thomas and Daniel P. Thomas, Pine, $30,000

Carol J. Littler to 1734 Beechwood LLC, 1734 Beechwood, $32,000

North Western District Conn United Holy Church of America to Missionary Pentecostal Church, Wallace, $35,000

Denise L. Naples to Rodney Freel, 169 Belmont, $44,496

M Walker Investments LLC to Tabitha Goist, 231 Genesee, $018,500

Mildred D. Bryant to Robert J. Sherwood, 2959 Regal, $123,000

Michael P. Tominey to David E. Kapluck, 3146 Foster, $123,000

Christopher M. Ulrich to Malaynia Spiva, 1126 Central Parkway, $49,900


Guy L. Brown to Ryan R. Smith and Jessica Smith, 3687 Niles Carver, $230,000

Philip F. Burbridge and Loraine Y. Burbridge to Melissa D. Berg, 1462 Burnett, $68,000


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