Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County June 15-19:


Albert R. Miller and Mary Ellen Miller to Robert F. Miller and Kathryn W. Miller, Penniman Road, $156,000


James M. Ziegler to Donna Matzek, 566 Braceville Robinson, $44,900


Deborah L. Patterson White and Mark Patterson to Kristina Juratovic, Hubbard Thomas, $140,000


Diana M. Meikle and Joseph C. Meikle to Daniel A. Dillen Jr., 4995 Damon, $107,000


Jeffrey S. Sudimack and Sheryl L. Sudimack to David N. Kovacs and Deanna M. Kovacs, 420 Cherry Hill, $230,000

Marlo J. Diaz Halliday to Benjamin T. Moser, 196 E. Main St., $130,000

Brian D. Drescher and Beth V. Drescher to Waylon D. Westbrook and April Lyn Westbrook, 210 Fox Run, $200,000

Leroy F. Noble to Stephen R. Romesburg and Robin E. Romesburg, 183 Portal, $175,000

Chulman Builders LLC to Kristine L. Steele, 304 Sunset, $139,000


William D. Fisher and Elma Y. Fisher to Marvin C. Miller and Nancy W. Miller, 3160 Housel Craft, $210,000


James and Nina Melfi to James N. Melfi, 35 Hickory Trace, $115,000

Michael Donahue to Kathleen A. Sutton, 842 Woodlawn, $92,000

Kenneth Moran to VT Larney LTD, 914 Washington, $55,000

Kimberlee A. Skiba to Dawn Helterbran, 416 Elruth, $120,000

Frank J. Restaino and Doreen Caudill to RTM Development LLC, 15 Navajo, $186,500


Winifred A. Schweinfurth to Jeana R. Wert, 9052 Chalfonte, $153,000

Keith R. Herman and Kimberly R. Nichols to Mary Lou Hassel, 618 Rosegarden, $136,000

Mark D. Fiest to Allison M. Shay, 9010 Cain, $160,000

Kristina M. Bennett to Lynette L. Kern, 8743 Warwick, $139,900

Exclusive Products Industry Corporation to Denver L. Adkins, 1966 Ewalt, $25,000

Raptis Family Restaurant to Elizabeth Raptis and Vasilios G. Raptis, 1939 Niles Cortland, $60,300

Elizabeth Raptis and Vasilios G. Raptis to Elizabeth Raptis and Vasilios G. Raptis, 1939 Niles Cortland, $25,450

William D. Leitch and Rhonda Leitch to Mark D. Fiest, 2192 Celestial, $247,777

William L. Mease and Leslie Ann Mease to Robert Weaver, 542 Laurelwood, $146,500

Harry Putnam to Bryce B. Felicetty and Emilee M. Palette, 3199 Crestview, $42,500


Lynne P. Almasy and Karen L. Angel to Adam T. Chaney, 43 Clingan, $90,000

Todd Coonce and Rodney Coonce to Taylor F. Doss, 3410 Bell Wick, $78,000

Russell A. Howard Sr. and Dolly A. Howard to Jeremiah Real Estate Enterprises LLC, 15 McKinley, $50,000


Larry E. Moore and Sandra J. Moore to Drew R. Szepietowski and Christie L. Szepietowski, 7000 Love Warner, $246,500


Kathy Battisti to Keith Thomas Easton and Theresa Easton, 5400 Sampson, $210,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Kenneth E. Smith and Audrey A. Smith, 216 Terra Bella Drive, $335,940

Richard E. Seawood and Carol A. Seawood to Anthony DeFrance, 3390 Fifth, $122,000

Adrain N. Dietz and Carol A. Dietz to Church Hill United Methodist, 4725 East, $100,500

William A. Swann III and Donna J. Swann to Nikitas Tsikouris, 441 Arbor Circle, $122,000

Pamela Joy Casey and Christoffer Michael Casey to Ralph M. Achten and Shawna L. Achten, 2521 Cardinal, $60,000

Kasey M. Smith and Gage Schlagel to James P. Adams Jr. and Jaquayla L. Adams, 1136 Academy, $156,000

Nejia Hamdi to Ryan R. Davis, 262 Richards, $88,000


Herschel Seitz to Austin J. Creer, 6541 Woodridge Way, $257,500

Eric M. Maraczi to Robert Ridgell and Crystal Ridgell, 311 Towson, $135,000

Lucille A. Starkey to Betty Jean Greb, 119 Greenfield, $124,900

Millie A. Vargo to Kenneth M. Overholt, 5918 Louise, $146,000


Joshua M. Weiss to Nicholas B. Tamarkin, 504 Marshall, $92,000


Patrick R. Carey and Dani L. Carey to Anthony C. Rizzo and Kimberly A. Rizzo, 1534 Kale Adams, $196,500

Gena A. Brumley to Garrett C. Lane and Nicholas R. Oplinger, 1777 Windham, $27,500


William J. Morgan to James R. Jackson III, 417 Williams, $68,000

Debra S. Parshall Miller and Diana Lynn Lazear to Durst Holdings LLC, Diana Lynn Lazear, 628 North, $30,000

Durst Holdings LLC, Diana Lynn Lazear to Durst Holdings LLC, 628 North, $30,000

Cheryl Heckman and Johnathan Stringer to Cierra J. Johnson, 25 Russell, $108,000

Serena Hills LLC to Singh and Sons Properties LLC, 735 Mauro Circle, $174,000

Abigail R. Priddy and John D. Priddy to Willy J. McLallen, 146 Mistletoe, $121,000

James P. Villecco and Julie L. Villecco to Andrew M. Hacker, 126 Blossom, $81,000

Howard Johnson to Danile Persing and Melissa Persing, 640 Nebraska, $51,085


Robert Miller to Samuel S. Fisher and Karen E. Miller, 3592 Old State, $134,000

Dallas White to Patrick Keller, Phalanx Mills Herner Road, $35,000


Vicki Louise Bansky to Judy B. Gordon, 4819 Coal, $141,500


Deutsche Bank National Trust to Reef Assets LLC, 309 Willard, $22,000

Dean H. Jewell and Sandra Jewell to Dean H. Jewell and Sandra Jewell, 460 Trumbull, $99,000

Senator M. Johnson Sr. to Denise M. Bell, 1420 Arthur, $99,000

James A. Valentine and Patricia A. Valentine to Samantha A. Cavender, 2046 Montclair, $93,000

Karen Stromberg to Alexandra K. Stamler and Joul K. Mikaeli, 1493 Stafford, $189,900

Bonita L. Groth and Sherry Brounce to Karly Gibbs, 589 Briggs, $25,900

Mark Massucci and Deborah K. Massucci to Nancy Kouvaris, 924 Hazelwood, $20,000

New Heights South LLC to Christina L. Williams, 635 Parkman, $23,500


Joshua T. Goppert and Amanda D. Goppert to Nancy E. Beatty and Amanda E. Beatty, 1960 Warren, $190,000


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