On the record – Howland

WHAT: Trustees meeting Wednesday via Zoom

PRESENT: Matthew Vansuch, Rick Clark and James LaPolla


– Hired part-time firefighters Erik Lyszaz, Jared Wagoner and Jesse Zivoder at $12.39 per hour with no benefits, as needed, effective July 1. Two of the three came through the Howland Fire Department’s volunteer program, according to Pantalone;

– Approved two general orders to the Howland Police Department policy and procedure manual. The bias-free policing order prohibits the use of biased profiling, saying that while physical descriptors of those suspected of a crime are helpful to investigations, it is not permissible for officers to use discriminatory profiling based on race, gender, creed, age, sexual preference or positions of influence in the community. An order for the investigation of employee misconduct outlines procedures for conducting internal investigations and giving disciplinary action. Police Chief Nick Roberts said the policies are required by the state of Ohio for the department to maintain the state certification for police policy and procedures and that the policies were previously in the rules and regulations but are being moved to policies and procedures;

– Accepted a $96,873 bid from Z-Tech Builders / Excavators Inc., Cortland, for the 2019 Rosegarden storm sewer upgrade project. The township received six total bids for the project, with Z-Tech being the lowest. The highest bid was $156,491 from J.S. Bova Excavating;

– Declared the following properties nuisances: 2878 Niles Vienna Road, 2841 Orchard Ave., 7720 Anderson Ave. NE, 8683 Warwick Road SE, 3505 Birchwood Ave. NE, 2349 Stillwagon Road SE, 1458 Castillion Drive. NE, 3681 Hightree Ave. SE, 8848 King Graves Road NE, 8618 Old Orchard Road SE, 6060 Mines Road SE, 7654 Pegotty Drive NE, 2817 Larchmont Ave. NE, 8600 Huntley Drive SE, 3348 Beechwood Ave. NE, 696 Shadowood Lane SE and 1420 Patchen Ave. SE;

– Approved using local law firm Comstock, Springer and Wilson Co. L.P.A. on an as-needed basis;

– Passed the alternative tax budget for fiscal year 2021 for consideration to the Trumbull County Budget Commission. The budget is an estimate of how much the township will receive in taxes next year and takes into account property taxes as well as other tax revenues like hotel and gas taxes;

– Announced shred-it day will be Aug. 15 behind the senior center. The date was pushed back because the company that provides the service was not doing public shredding for several months;

– Announced the boardwalk in the township park will remain closed until significant structural repairs can be completed;

– Heard from Pantalone that the department’s call volume so far this year is about 100 calls lower than what it was this time last year. There was a slow-down in calls during stay-at-home orders, he said;

– Heard from planning director Kim Mascarella that masks will be mandatory at the township farmers market;

– Heard from Roberts that to drive golf carts legally on roadways, the driver must be over the age 16 and have a valid license and golf carts must have lights, license plates and be inspected for road use by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Trustee James LaPolla raised concerns that more young people have been driving golf carts dangerously on the road.

— Allie Vugrincic


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