On the record: Howland

WHAT: Board of education Tuesday at the middle school cafeteria

PRESENT: President Julie Altawil, Susan Brucoli, Denise Delida, Ken Jones, Superintendent Kevin Spicher, and Treasurer Samantha Pochedly

ABSENT: Brian Burkey

The board:

• Approved Kim Messina and Angela Wells for continuing contract status for the 2020-2021 year;

• Approved extended school-year services for special needs students to attend the Trumbull County Educational Service Center at an estimated cost of $3,000;

• Approved a 2020 golf team agreement with Old Avalon Golf Course beginning the date of the first team practice and until the completion of the season;

• Approved the 2020-2021 students rights and responsibilities handbooks, which include some changes to dress code to remove antiquated rules and allow students more freedom of expression;

• Approved Gina Camelli, Andy Herman and Jerry Young as SMART program substitutes for the 2020-2021 school year;

• Approved the following grant allocations: $550,006.12 for Title I, $123,319.91 for Title IIA, $42,358.24 for Title IV-A, $671,896.36 for IDEA Title VI-B and $584.73 for VIB preschool restoration;

• Approved the following substitute janitors for the 2020-2021 school year: Peggy Clay, Penny Deuble, Nicole George, Valerie Harper, Austin McQuaig and Christian McVicker; and approved Maci Herrick as a substitute secretary, educational assistant cook / cashier and monitor; Carla Meehan as a substitute bus driver cook / cashier and monitor; and Jami Miller as a substitute cook / cashier and monitor;

• Appointed Ken Jones as the delegate to the Ohio School Board Association meeting in November with Susan Brucoli as alternate;

• Accepted the following donations to the Paw Pantry: $200 from Joseph Barickman; $50 from Mr. and Mrs. Bedich; $200 from Bryce and Mary Bond; $100 from Greg and Kathleen Bronson; $25 from Carol DelloStritto; $100 from Tina DeLucia; $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Dohar; $100 from Anthony and Joyce Ferri; $59 from Ersilla Firment; $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Constantinos Glaros; $10 from William Gordon DDS; $300 from Ms. Colleen Gruver; $100 from Mrs. and Mrs. Ryan Hodges; $100 from Marilyn Kramp; $100 from Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lehman; $300 from Mr. Michael Marinko; $100 from Eleni McNally; $300 from David Miller; $100 from William and Annette Orslene; $50 from Mr; and Mrs. Joseph Pecorelli; $50 from Tom and Jen Peters; $50 from Mrs. and Mr. Rura; $60 from Michael and Michelle Shrock; $200 from Thomas St. George; $100 from Mrs. Solveig Thompson; $100 from Beth VanGilder; $20 from Gayton Williams; $50 from Randy and Mary Wilson; and $60 from two anonymous donors. Also accepted donations of $220 from Farmers National Bank to the district; $50 from Natalie and Thomas Lussier to the middle school choir; $50 from Peter Rossi and Son Memorial Chapel to project post prom; $1,000 from Chick-fil-A for the scoreboard partnership; $200 from John Lees for speech and debate; $25 from an anonymous donor to the drama club and desk chairs; and a whiteboard from Stephen Kovach for the middle school.

— Allie Vugrincic


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