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When it comes to designing and furnishing a small space, cramming too much furniture and creating an awkward traffic pattern are two big offenders. Below are some tips that can help you make a small bedroom seem larger.


Furniture that’s too large for a room can make it look and feel overcrowded. If there isn’t ample space for a king-size bed, a large dresser, two nightstands and a seating area, don’t try to fit it all in there. Minimize the furniture. In a bedroom that isn’t exceptionally large, use only one nightstand instead of two. While this may not be the most practical solution, you can get a similarly pared-down effect with small-scale nightstands.


Darker colors can make a small space look even smaller. Going light and airy can make it feel light and airy. You don’t have to be boring. Simply by using strong colors in accessories (i.e. rugs, lamps, and artwork) you can create the ideal balance.


Because small rooms make it difficult to place larger pieces of furniture, like a dresser or pair of substantial nightstands, they can lack storage. Fix that problem with built-ins. Use shelving that’s no more than 12 inches deep. If you go with built-ins in your small bedroom, try taking them all the way to the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher. And paint the back wall a contrasting color to create layering and depth.


How you organize your furniture can also go a long way toward making it feel spacious and open or crowded. If there’s room, the prime spot for the bed is across from the door. In a child’s or guest room, consider turning a twin or full-size bed into a daybed by turning it and adding small bookcases to either end. If you have an over-sized bed you can’t part with — don’t. Make it the centerpiece of the room and then pare down elsewhere.


Mirrors are a favorite design trick for making a space look larger and creating additional opportunities for light and reflection. If you have sliding closet doors, use mirrors to visually double the space.


Hang drapes high to fake a taller window and draw the eye up. It’ll make the room look bigger and also lend a more sophisticated feel.

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Cunningham is the 2020 president of the Warren Area Board of Realtors.


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