Kinsman family shows collection

Antique tractors on display at family’s home through weekend

Ian Tricker sits on a 1975 John Deere tractor while his grandparents, Donna and Duane Tricker, stand by more antique tractors from their collection of 20. The tractors are on display outside the Tricker's Kinsman home through the holiday weekend.

KINSMAN — Donna and Duane Tricker love all antique tractors. Their 20-tractor collection includes John Deere, Allis-Chalmers, Centaur, B.F. Avery, Oliver and Cletrac, just to name a few — and the entire collection is on display outside their Perkins Greenville Road home.

“Some people remember having these tractors,” Duane said. “I know a lot of people enjoy them.”

Duane brings the tractors out around Father’s Day and leaves them on display through the Fourth of July weekend, inviting passersby to stop and see them with a sign at the end of the driveway welcoming anyone to look around.

The host of tractors are poised around the Tricker’s U-shaped driveway, making it easy to drive by, or pull over and walk around — and people do. Last week, a family from Grove City, Pa., stopped by and took its time viewing the machines, Donna said.

Three of the Tricker’s tractors are from 1939 — the year Duane was born. The Tricker’s oldest tractor, a Centaur, predates those by three years. Several tractors are crank-starts, and five — including the 1939 Cleveland Tractor Company, or Cletrack, “The General” — were made in Ohio.

They acquired their first antique around 40 years ago, but only started accumulating more in the last 15 years.

“We got into this and we can’t get out,” Donna said.

The Trickers have been around the country visiting tractor shows and building their collection.

They are members of three tractor clubs: the Ashtabula Antique Engine Club — which would have had its 39th annual show this weekend were it not for the effects of COVID-19 — the Antique Tractor Club of Trumbull County and the B.F. Avery Collectors & Associates National Tractor Club.

The clubs do shows, plow days and tractor rides, where everyone rides his / her tractor down the road, sometimes as far as 20 miles.

“We like tractor rides,” Donna said, adding, “We go as fast as the slowest tractor.”

With most club events and parades canceled, the Trickers are planning to have their own family tractor ride with their children and grandchildren on Saturday, both to celebrate the holiday and their 60th wedding anniversary, which is July 9.

With four children, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, the Trickers will be able to get a fair number of their tractors going for the ride. They’re expecting to start around 4 p.m. and head toward downtown Kinsman.

Donna and Duane both grew up on farms. Donna was one of four daughters who helped farm the land next to where she lives now, and she often ran the tractor.

“I try to tell women, it’s a lot easier to work out on a tractor than to do housework,” Donna said.

Duane and his two sons still farm 90 acres, growing corn, beans and enough hay to feed a few horses. They have two farm tractors, but sometimes use their antiques as well. Of course, the antiques in their day were the tools of choice.

“One of these 60-70-year-old tractors, guys would farm hundreds of acres with them,” Duane said.

Duane said he works on the tractors enough to keep them running, changing the oil or tires as needed. He said after-market replacement parts for the machines are easy to find.

The Antique Tractor Club of Trumbull County is still planning on having its annual show Aug. 14 to 16 behind the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport, pending any state orders or changes because of COVID-19. The club is featuring Allis-Chalmers this year, which the Trickers have.

“I’ve got so many different brands, no matter what brand they feature we have one,” Duane said.

As for the show in the Tricker’s yard, they plan to leave it up through the holiday weekend.


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