District to replace Willard school roof

$707,000 contract awarded to Youngstown firm

WARREN — Willard PK-8 School is expected to have a new roof by the time school opens, according to John Lacy, Warren City Schools director of business operations.

The district has awarded Boak & Sons Inc. of Youngstown a $707,714 contract to install a new roof on the 12-year-old building.

In addition to the roof replacement cost, the district agreed to purchase a platinum warranty offered by Owens Corning Co., which provides a 100 percent guarantee for 20 years that drops to a 60 percent warranty for years 21 though 50, minus 2 percent per year.

The majority of the roof replacement — over all classroom spaces — is expected to be completed by the time school opens Aug. 24, Lacy said.

The district determined the roof needed to be replaced after work began to replace the school’s ventilation system.

“It was discovered that roofing tiles around the ventilation system were brittle and needed to be replaced,” Lacy said. “Through further inspection, it was determined that the structural integrity of the joists in some areas needed to be replaced.”

Phillips / Sekanick Architects, which was not the building project architect; DeSalvo Construction, the building contractor; and Boak and Sons, which has a maintenance contract with the district, determined condensation between the roof and shingles and the ceiling and sub-ceiling areas was causing problems with room temperature.

Officials noted when the outside temperature hits 80 and 90 degrees and the air conditioning is running, inadequate ventilation causes water to form in the ceiling. The resulting condensation damaged the roof.

“This has been a problem almost since the building originally was built,” Lacy said. “We knew there were leaks, but did not know the cause.”

The company contracted to build the school’s roof, VEC, went out of business shortly after the work was completed, Lacy said.

“We’re having legal taking a look into what we can do,” Lacy said. “We are looking at what type of design and installations flaws may have contributed to the problems.

“I don’t believe they (VEC) were involved in doing the roofs on any of the other school buildings built during this period,” he said. “We have not seen the same issues on any of the other school buildings.”


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