Warren Township fire training center ready

Pandemic keeps building from holding classes

WARREN TOWNSHIP — While upgrade work has been completed to transform the fire station on North River Road into a fire training center, it’s not available for use yet because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fire Chief Randy Daniels said Tuesday at the trustees meeting the building is set up for CPR, first aid and other miscellaneous safety classes as well as firefighter and paramedic training.

He said in recent months, needed equipment has been installed such as a large, flat-screen television, speaker system, new lighting and air conditioning.

“We will begin holding all our trainings there and open up for CPR and first aid training for the public to participate in. We are working at getting the instructors lined up. The center is ready, but COVID has put a damper on this for us so we can’t open yet,” he said.

Fire officials are looking to recruit more part-time and volunteer firefighters for the department and use it as a training and meeting center.

Daniels said previously the site will be used by various fire departments and outside agencies. He said a fire truck and other equipment are housed and three firefighters are stationed at the building.

“We really need to get the interest, and having a training site there will help,” Trustee Chairman Ed Anthony said.

Daniels said the department hopes to open the center and begin classes and training in late July or early August.

Anthony said the Howland Fire Department at one time used the station for training, but now does most of it in Howland.

Anthony said the Johnson Community Center will open July 1 and the July 28 trustees meeting will be open for the public pending an order from Gov. Mike DeWine to close over the coronavirus pandemic.

In another matter, Anthony said he and members of the Leavittsburg Dam Committee will be ready to make a presentation to the Trumbull County MetroParks about their concerns over the removal of the Leavittsburg dam.

Anthony and committee members attended the MetroParks meeting in January, asking the park board to review materials about keeping the dam. They since have not met with MetroParks officials as meetings have been canceled or held virtually.

Anthony said he and others plan to attend a Mahoning River Steering Committee meeting 10 a.m. to noon Friday at the Warren Community Amphitheatre where the dams will be discussed.

The MetroParks owns the dam and holds the final decision on its fate.

The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments and the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber have supported plans to remove the Leavittsburg dam and others along the Mahoning River in Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

Work already has begun to remove a dam of the Mahoning River in Lowellville.


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