Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County May 18-22:


Richard France and Karen France to Christian M. Hansen and Leslie A. Hansen, 2760 Ravine Run, $325,000

Alex E. Loychik to Charlotte A. Figueras James and James A. Thomas, 2322 Westview, $179,900


Marvin C. Miller and Nancy W. Miller to Samantha Tompkins, 6569 Corey Hunt Road, $160,000


Ronald S. Baum to Vaughn Mark Hanson, 7880 South, $29,000

Russell E. and Tammy Bosland to Audrey G. Rountree, 635 Brookfield, $50,000

Russell E. and Tammy Bosland to Audrey G. Rountree, Lorain, $50,000


Castaways Rental Properties LLC to VT Larney LTD, 181 Maplewood Unit 8, $48,000

Tracy Lewis and Melanie Hunt to Michele Murphy, 479 Fowler, $114,000


Joe D. Miller and Ada S. Miller to Andrew D. Kurtz, 7243 state Route 534, $175,000


Mark V. Wagner and Wendy Ann Wagner to VT Larney LTD, 123 Broadway, $50,000


Anita M. Russell to Nancy J. Moyer and Kevin T. Moyer Sr., 3607 Everett Hull, $125,000

Scott E. Morgan and Kirra Day to Stephen P. Nyako and Karen N. Nyako, 3682 Ridge Road, $157,300

Michael A. Haring to Craig M. Ulicny, 4400 Ridge, $143,000


James Tyler Sinn to Timothy S. Strom, 1995 state Route 7, $232,000


Teresa Marie Crew to Dominic T. Blackiston, 3715 Ravenwood, $115,400

Michael L. Pearce and Jessica L. Pearce to Christopher Rudzinskas and Lauren Rudzinskas, 8401 Old Farm Trail, $131,000

James McHale to Michael Milley, 1315 Niles Cortland, $131,500

Karl F. Eberle Jr. to Renee M. Lago, 2960 North River Unit D20, $29,500

Fifth Third Bank to Timothy Michael Schulman and Laura Ann Manning, 1469 White Oak, $125,001

Gerald L. Mook and Gary Paul Clement to Gus Polychronis LLC, 2775 Elm, $115,000


Judith M. Coman and Nancy C. Turner to Wesley McCoy and Cheryl L. McCoy, 6944 White Oak, $95,000

Wesley McCoy and Cheryl L. McCoy to Wesley McCoy and Cheryl L. McCoy, 6944 White Oak, $95,000

Anna H. Grzebieniak to Richard K. Green and Wendy A. Denhard, 5662 Chestnut Ridge, $210,000


House to Home of North East Ohio to David A. Jackson and Terri L. Jackson, 927 Pinecrest, $138,000

Sabrina S. Francis to Zachary D. Conn and Heather N. Conn, 3420 Breezeknoll, $146,000

Donald J. Lesinski and Marilyn K. Lesinski to David Batson, 1601 Shannon, $165,000

Michael D. Jones to Nedal J. Niser and Amal Niser, 976 Colonial, $61,500

Kathleen T. Pace to Lelia E. Davis and Larry Davis, 945 Ravine, $205,000


James A. Pitini and Mary K. Pitini to Jalto Holdings LLC, Niles Cortland, $32,000

Jennie L. Helmick to Timothy F. Dimos and Aubrey L. Dimos, 1845 Taft, $148,000

Joseph R. Marhulk to Jenifer L. Riedel, 1525 Difford, $72,000

Rosemaire V. Muccio to Yvonne G. Savin and Patricia D. Savin, 404 Hogarth, $147,500

Mildred A. Morgan to Christian Smith, 161 Bentwillow, $121,000


Roger K. Cox and Lisa L. Cox to TAG Resources LLC, 2127 Stewart, $20,000

Garry L. Wallace and Rachel L. Wallace to Susan Hrenick, 3210 E. Market, $169,900

Larry E. Badanjek to Miguel Jimenez, 1547 Kenilworth, $20,000

John C. and Anna M. Simoudis to Twin Realty and Leasing LLC, 1151 Atlantic, $45,000

Laura J. Barrett to Melynda K. Barrett, 1564 Sheridan, $34,051

Katherine E. Senne to Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA Mr. Cooper, $134,734

Josephine M. Esau to Cody A. and Chelsea M. Durman, 3095 Foster, $150,000


Lawrence R. Reese to BLP of NIles LLC, Cassano, $40,000

US Bank National Association to Gary E. Gilgallon and Brenda R. Gilgallon, Garfield, $35,000


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