YSU plans to open in the fall

Click here to view the YSU returning to work on campus guidelines

YOUNGSTOWN — Youngstown State University intends to fully reopen for the fall semester and will start to incrementally bring employees back to work in anticipation of students starting class Aug. 17.

“After meeting the challenges of a spring semester interrupted by the coronavirus, we are now ready to move into a new phase of our pandemic response,” said President Jim Tressel. “While this phase still includes many uncertainties, it also presents numerous opportunities. One of those opportunities is returning our employees to campus.”

The plan announced Thursday is dependent on the future course of the outbreak, and will be updated as needed, Tressel said.

Most YSU employees have been working off campus since mid-March, when the university moved all classes to remote instruction due to the viral outbreak. Remote instruction continues during summer semester.

“YSU’s response to the coronavirus has been and will continue to be guided foremost by the safety of our students, faculty, staff and the public,” the plan states. “As we gradually move forward to re-engaging on campus, our primary goal is to ensure everyone’s well-being while continuing to offer high-quality educational services.”

The plan outlines facility preparations, health and safety protocols, symptom monitoring, social distancing and health hygiene actions. It also has answers to frequently asked questions about returning to campus.

It calls for employees to stay home if they are sick, limits gatherings to 10 people, and requires face coverings at all times within campus buildings unless a person is working alone in an enclosed area. Also, daily health assessments will be performed.

Employees will gradually start to return to work June 1 and will continue to through the summer based on their duties and pending the readiness of the facilities.



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