Warren schools working on historical display

WARREN — With school buildings closed to students and staff, various projects are going to be completed at Warren City Schools, including creating a historical display by the Warren G. Harding High School facade at the corner of Elm Road and Atlantic Street.

John Lacy, executive director of business operations for Warren schools, said Tuesday at the board of education meeting that project is to create a display of architectural memorabilia, such as monuments, gargoyles and decorative cornerstones saved from school buildings that were torn down in the district.

Lacy said plans are for the groundskeeping staff to create the display from the pieces saved from the buildings and place it around the Harding facade in a few weeks.

“We have discussed what would be the best use of these pieces, and it was decided a display for everyone to see,” Lacy said.

Lacy said the district saved pieces from each of the 13 schools that were torn down when the new school complexes were constructed.

Superintendent Steve Chiaro said parts of the demolished schools — such as cornerstones, bricks, signs, columns and even gargoyle decorations — have been in storage at the district’s warehouse.

“We have worked with Meghan Reed of the Trumbull County Historical Society on preserving these items and are planning to use them for a display by the Harding School facade area,” he said.

Patricia Limperos, board of education president, said the board praised the preservation of artifacts from the schools that many people attended and will remember.

“When this display is completed, it will bring back memories for people. People will be able to walk through and see the different items from schools they may have attended,” she said.

Limperos noted many residents, especially alumni, were very happy when the Harding facade was saved and displayed.

“I am thrilled they will be moving forward with this soon, and the community will be able to walk through and see a variety of artifacts and memorabilia from the Warren schools,” Limperos said.

Chiaro said mechanical maintenance work also is being done at the high school indoor swimming pool. He said the pool will be drained for acid washing.

“We have some capital projects needing completed. There are certain things that need done, and now is the time to try and see if we can do them,” Chiaro said.

Officials said other projects being considered include work on the east side stadium stands and band shell, softball fields and tennis court, as well as work on the gymnasium floors at Harding, McGuffey and Jefferson schools.


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