Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County May 8-15


Daryl E. and Rene M. Olszewski to Cynthia and Robert St. John, 2908 Durst Clagg Road, $310,000

Raymond M. Shetler to Tyler W. Hodgkiss, 443 Everett Hull, $81,600


James E. and Maurine L. Troyer to Emma D. and Rosanna D. Fisher, 8669 state Route 45, $89,000


Samuel Babyak to Allen Jones, Warren Ravenna, $89,900

Wendy R. Rulong to Anthony M. Carpenter, 4431 McConnell East Road, $128,000


Joni D. Everson to Cody M. Cage and Nicole C. Cage, 1105 Housel Craft Road, $360,000


Martin A. Pesek to Mark Jordan Baroni, 7321 Brookwood, $125,500

Mary Patricia Manion to Edward McIntosh IV, 1404 Stevenson, $62,000

Nathan Sample to Brandon Swezey, 7809 Rose, $63,000


Nancy J. Sandrella to Richard A. Everson and Joni D. Everson, 11 Abbington, $135,000


Josephine M. Bland to M Walker Investments LLC, 467 Rosewae, $56,414

Kenneth A. Hainer to Thomas R. Ricketts, 101 Diamond Way, $174,000

Larry E. Foster to Tyler and Shelby Elliott, 131 St. Andrews, $235,000

Michele M. Sember to Kristie E. Miller, 151 Diamond Way, $110,000

Gregory V. and Sally A. Churley to Thomas Ray and Christen R. McNally, 255 Terre Hill, $184,000

Mina Land Company LLC to VT Larney LTD, 181 Maplewood Unit 4, $52,000

Derek S. Boivin to Gregory V. Churley and Sally A Churley, 201 Robbies Run, $231,500

Philip D. Fiest to Chelsea J. Hall, 230 Fox Run, $177,100


Heather R. Ramsey to VT Larney LTD, 817 Gary, $42,500

Alexander Milne Jr. and Alex Milne to Jeffrey W. and Beth A. Tinkey, 19 Cherokee, $132,500

JoAnn Acierno to VT Larney LTD, 706 Ward, $27,000

Philip S. Ancell and Barbara J. Ancell to Daniel N. Detweiler and Ann Marie Detweiler, 4955 Nelson Mosier, $188,700


Tod J. Brennan to Tod J. Brennan, Bloomfield Kinsman, $96,600


Loretta R. Sorger to Donald Carl Keck IV, 6397 Thompson Sharpsville, $99,000

Timothy and Judith L. Motika to Justin A. and Heather M. Burdick, 4034 Bushnell Campbell, $135,000

Karen L. Molnar to Karen L. Molnar, Thompson Sharpsville, $33,000


Danette M. Davis and Paul E. McAfee to Dennis G. Gibson and Alexandria C. Ensign, 1267 Cranbrook, $139,003

Marcella Simoudis to Steven Cunningham and Gwendolyn Hans, 3958 Northwood, $175,900

Ted A. Lengyel to Richard D. and Maria N. Plott, 9088 Howland Springs Road, $190,000

Scott O. Reibold to Benjamin S. Gedeon, 8149 Anderson, $90,000

Susan M. Scott to James V. Albaugh, 2456 Stillwagon, $52,900

John Kalogerou and Cara Kalogerou to Melissa K. Kafa and Rami Kafa, 315 Red Rock Run, $728,000

Kevin D. Kelly and Amy R. Kelly to Zachary Denzler and Sarah Denzler, 2567 Howland Wilson, $267,000

Michael T. Theodore and Thelma Humberger to Jason Edward Gibson, 8995 Singing Hills, $144,000


David T. Stipanovich to Jose A. Mendez, 3286 Laurel Park, $70,000

End Poverty Now Inc. to KALA Realty LTD, Jerry, $34,000

George U. Roth Jr. to Brian B. Crivella and Rose Crivella, 257 Parkview, $185,255

Dennis Hood and Sue Hood to Michael Stamm, 622 Triangle, $99,000

GPC Land Development Company to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Timber Point Boulevard, $45,000

Michael E. Hivner to Carl E. Shulte Jr., 3517 Woodbine, $73,500


Mark Verrill to Richard B. and Rhonda M. Thompson Foundation, 6159 state Route 87, $87,500

SLW and BCW Enterprises Inc. to Richard B. and Rhonda M. Thompson Foundation, 8210 Main, $37,000


Raymond S. Quashine to Michael R. Vanes and Andreia Alves Reis, 1124 Academy, $140,500

Marilyn M. Cosier to Dicoy A. Powell, 962 Keefer, $60,000

Alan A. and Claudia L. Charity to Michael V. and Jennifer Dyer, 3025 Northgate, $37,000

Michelle McElhaney and Donald E. Componation to Justin Griffith and Kenzie Brancato, 1993 Oriel Rogers, $171,000

Daisy Doerr to Lauren R. Setser and Jonathan Setser, 3833 Northlawn, $94,900

Mark J. Channel to Linda Younkins, Park Circle, $95,000


Jeffrey Penn and Diane Penn to David Bobco and Jodie Bobco, 5000 Phillips Rice, $392,000


Tena Maire Fisher and Betty Ann Detweiler to Martin A. Byler, 5333 Kinsman, $120,000


Klaus and Phyllis Koennecke to Cody D. and Julie K. Moore, 1003 Paige Court, $218,000

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Michael A. and Melissa J. Baird, Kale Adams, $22,900

Raymond L. McGeehen Sr. to Theodore S. Allen III, 216 Orchard, $66,000

Carl Boyer and Loretta M. Boyer to Chase O. Little and Gina M. Cackovic, 1006 Woodglen, $112,000


Ryan A. Gearhart to Bryan Butcher Jr. and Kaitlin Butcher, 327 Trumbull, $99,000

Holly L. Mowery and Stephen A. Helzel to Holly L. Mowery and Kimberlee A. Skiba, 1507 Gypsy Lane, $78,900

Holly L. Mowery and Kimberlee A. Skiba to Kimberlee A. Skiba, 1507 Gypsy Lane, $78,900

Colleen Patricia McGuirk to William M. Mooney, 1678 Timbers Court, $125,500

Amanda F. Binion to Charles E. Miller and Kristina Lucia Miller, 721 Bentley, $153,000

Antoinette M. Nardo to Veldon L. Patterson and Bonnie J. Patterson, Clark, $114,000


Michael R. Marlatt Sr. and Michael R. Marlatt Jr. to Tod E. Gilligan and Stephanie Gilligan, Barclay Messerly, $190,000


Kimberly Marie Connor to Matthew and Leslie Konerth, 780 Youngstown Kingsville, $83,000

Cindy Lee and Renee L. McElhaney to Julia A. and Michael G. Hagood, Buena Vista, $85,000


Alice M. Kliner to Trumbull Rentals LLC, 429 Kenilworth, $20,100

Alvin W. Mizner to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 1329 Bingham, $25,000

Sharon J. Lies to Kevin R. Holmes, 3216 Starlite, $64,900

Raymond D. Shrock to Jacob T. Lyons, 1166 Woodland, $28,500

Albert T. Segreto to Marc Beechy and Charlene M. Monsanty, 337 Eastland, $76,000

Scott J. Zorik to M Walker Investments LLC, 231 Genesee, $50,001

Marc W. Beechy to Banco LTD, 2280 Parkman, $100,000

TMS Land Management LLC to Amanda E. Boninsegna, 1255 Perkinswood, $82,000

Peerless-Winsmith Inc. to Tim Dotson, Market, $40,000

Daniel R. Bagaglia and Judith E. Bagaglia to Nicole M. Pentek, 2411 Northfield, $115,000


US Bank National Association to Sheila Rehburg, 1481 Ohltown Girard, $21,700

Kenneth E. Ruby and Susanne H. Ruby to Cody W. Tolonie and Lindsay N. Tolonie, 2531 Walnut, $122,000


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