Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County April 30 to May 7:


Christopher R. Meloro and Natalia N. Meloro to Natalie Howard and Thomas C. Howard, 2822 Ravine Run, $292,000

Tracey L. Horsley to Angele T. Zolna, 3430 Eagles Loft Unit C, $93,000

Gail B. Jackson to Kelsi A. Kramar, 3309 Trapper Trail Unit B, $93,000

Kathryn M. Granata to Jason M. Louis, 2186 Wilmar, $110,000

Virginia A. Kudrich to Brian Crawford and Tiffani Crawford, Henn Hyde, $225,000

Audrey P. Elliott to Tina M. Maiorca and Anthony Maiorca, 2779 McCleary Jacoby, $162,500

US Bank National Association to Alexander Property Development LLC, 3062 Ivy Circle Unit C, $24,200


Wayne M. Miller and Laura D. Miller to Marvin C. Miller and Ada S. Miller, 1731 Haines East, $252,000

Jerry J. Weaver and Esther Weaver to Rich N. Toscani, 2692 Bloomfield Kinsman, $45,000


Diana Mae Crim to Colleen A. Clawson, 3986 Nelson Mosier, $64,400


Allan J. Kish to Asphalt Outlaw LLC, 2751 state Route 88, $48,400

Tracy Lynn Elza to James R. McFalls, 5956 state Route 45, $137,800


JJF 1 LLC to Richard A. Simmons, Warren Sharon, $40,000


Allison Dunbar to Kary Benton, 6421 Shafer Unit A B, $111,900

John C. Agostinelli and Trudy H. Allegations to Nuclei White, 18 Abbington, $169,900

Ronald G. Hatch and Virginia N. Hatch to Corey R. Burdock and Dawn M. Burke, 140 Miles, $115,000

Sydney E. Muster to Brian Fagan and Bobette Fagan, Alva, $131,000

Richard Hray and Karen Hray to Clarence B. Allison II and Kimberly A. Raimond Allison, 16 Abbington, $172,500

Steve Horvath to Daniel Hunt, State, $52,500


Christopher Batman to Douglas E. Best and Kathleen S. Best, 119 Diamond Way, $115,000


Daniel J. S. Miller and Mary Ann Miller to Samuel D. Detweiler Jr. and Maureen A. Detweiler, 4118 Parkman, $260,000

Russell A. Janson to Susan A. Miller and Marlin Ray Miller, South Third, $25,500


Betty Lamancusa to Michael Mohn and Jordan Sigley, 115, Lorain, $23,000

Betty Lamancusa to Linda Poling and Jimmy Lee, 410 Trumbull, $25,000


Sandra R. Heflin to Lynn M. Buescher, 7682 state Route 46, $160,000


Justin B. Cibik and Rebecca K. Cibik to Connor W. and Lacey J. Griffin, 7834 Castle Rock, $186,000

Jorge L. Bermudez to Alexandria Joy Blaine, 2771 Hilda, $52,000

Dorothy Dellimuti to Gregory L. Dellimuti, 10130 King Graves, $79,000

Guerrero M. Quinones and Maria L. Quinones to Travis J. Lanz and Cindy Tran, 102 Spy Glass Court, $315,000

Alva May Kemble to Gayle B. Jackson, 472 Laurelwood, $120,000

Norman H. Schinkel and Audrey M. Schinkel to Audrey M. Schinkel and Dennis J. Courtney, 7826 Castle Rock, $79,500

Audrey M. Schinkel and Dennis J. Courtney to Dennis J. Courtney and Mary Ann Courtney, 7826 Castle Rock, $79,500

Larry G. Maher to US Bank National Association to 1470 North, $70,000

Davis T. Lewis and Jolene Lewis to Rachel E. Miller, 8208 Fairhill, $128,500

Riley Construction of Ohio LLC to Sydney E. Muster and Russell Alexander Muster, 570 state Route 46, $161,500

Timothy J. Halchuck to Matthew Anderson, 8578 Black Oak, $156,000

Robert C. Fleischer to Ashley E. Mokros, 9155 Inverrary Drive, $195,500

Edward J. Shaker to Angela Dziedzic, 3766 Demura, $80,000


Timothy M. Turose and Elaine M. Turose to Mary C. Lacivita, 540 Wendemere, $200,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Tim Edward Gardner, 205 Princeton, $63,000

Patricia A. Gordon to Joseph J. Klein, 6247 Youngstown Hubbard, $130,000

Deutche Bank Trust Company Americas to Daniel Lee Moffitt and Tiffany Marie Ditman, 7457 Van Ness, $81,176


Justin J. Boyd and Kristin E. Boyd to Robert C. Acosta and Teresa Acosta, 5939 Warren Meadville, $260,000


Rozanne M. Giampietro to Joseph G. Giampietro III, 3019 Green Acres, $60,000

Giuseppe Energy LLC to Jessica Austin, Lakeview, $294,000

Citizens Bank NA to Thaer Awwad, 272 Trumbull, $75,000


Sandra L. Macali to Stefan W. Purington and Nicole Purington, Illinois, $58,500

Matthew R. Dzurinda and Tracie A. Dzurinda to Kelly Yeager and William Matyas, 731 Oregon, $158,000

Ray Morello Jr. to John F. Wolford and Sherri Wolford, 350 Iowa, $121,000


Melissa D. Berg to Ashley Pierson, 7187 Morrell Ray Road, $128,000


John N. Pennza and Reyniva B. Pennza to Marvin C. Miller and Lorene Detweiler, 5103 Parks West, $128,000


Scott W. Burrows and Christina A. Burrows to JKV Investors A LP, 53 Russell, $73,850

Ralph E. Oleksiuk and Phyllis A. Oleksiuk to Denishia Patterson, 113 Gilbert, $89,900

Sklog Holdings LLC to Kristin K. Reichard, 985 Park Place Drive, $168,000

Joseph Allen Crouser to Nicole L. Farcas and Daniel J. Farcas II, 209 Beaver, $78,000

Linda L. Spain to Terrance W. McCoy and April C. McCoy, 412 Lincoln Way, $82,000

Carol Smaltz to Joseph J. Smaltz, 121 Hogarth, $112,000


Samuel D. Detweiler Jr. to Andy U. Byler and Erma M. Byler, Painesville Warren, $125,000

Cynthia Marchionda to Jason Boyd, 2604 Black Oak, $122,000

Phillip M. Sherwood to John Sitko, Herr Fieldhouse, $30,000


Matthew MacGregor to Danial J. Wilson, 935 Ridge, $128,000

Chad Kothera to Alex Papalas, 4105 Smith Stewart, $67,000


Tymark Properties Inc to Leona Jarrett, 2029 Vernon, $43,000

Dale T. Greathouse and Katrina L. Greathouse to Marcus J and Brandy J. Woods, 1278 Maxwell, $68,500

Ilona E. Koleszar to Alva May Kemble, 3030 Crescent, $56,000

Dawn M. Cardinal to Kaitlin J. Schall, 3403 North Tod, $96,500

Charles H. Vasbinder to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 271 Dickey, $21,280

Kenneth D. Hunter to Alan K. Lough, 1149 Trumbull, $50,000

Donald L. Bailey Jr. to Joseph L. Leigh and Patty Y. Leigh, 3811 North Woods Unit 1, $63,000

Kathleen A. Sutton to David J. Francis, 2823 Woodland, $125,000

Benjamin Allen Brady to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 1146 Hazelwood, $35,000

CCPWarren 7453 LP to 2473 North Road NE PROPCO LLC, 2473 North Road, $1,250,000


Roger L. Chamberlain Sr. and Terrie Chamberlain to Amber M. Deel, 2537 Walnut, $118,500

Cheryl Armstrong and Norman Armstrong to Michael Dominic and Samantha M. Dominic, 1567 Prospect, $179,000


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