Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Feb. 13-20:


Tangier Express Inc. to Scott C. Giesy, 1129 Prince, $54,000

Marcia K. McCauley to Gary W. Sanderson Jr., 3482 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A, $95,000

Eric M. and Laura L. Yarabenetz to Miles B. and Linda L. Ulrich, Warren Meadville, $357,500


Frank M. Ciecerko to M Walker Investments LLC, 2701 Mahan Denman, $60,000

Michael R. Armour and Jennifer L. Smith to Greg Schoonover, 1619 Greenville, $90,000


Robert Christopher Wilson to Dominic R. Milanese Jr. and Denise A. Jamieson, 847 Lynita, $105,000

Thomas E. DeMarco to Shirley A. DeMarco, 853 Valley View, $85,000

Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Michael Lummp, 875 Warner, $111,000


Brent Swipas and Daniel Yocum to Anita Cole, 384 Glendola, $104,000

Richard H. and Pamela J. Keith to James M. Davies, 727 Champion, $145,657


Michael S. Hensley to Donald J. Galbreath, 127 Topaz Trail, $130,000

Lance R. and Diane R. Neumeister to Twila R. and Jay P. Freeman, 295 Woodview, $170,000

Deborah A. Marsco to Brian P. and Ashley N. Viga, 109 Wae Trail, $114,400

Louis Desimone to Douglas Richard Holland Jr. and Leonor Simmons Holland, 480 Ashtabula Road, $115,000


Marki A. and Emma D. Miller to Allen D. Byler, 7306 Curtis Middlefield Road, $155,000


Glen E. Adkins to Leslie A. Granger, 267 Forsythe, $25,000


John C. Stanhope to Melvin T. and Robbin E. Clawson, 3297 Bushnell Campbell Road, $252,000


Gary A. and Judy C. Bell to Anthony C. and Nichol T. Lucas, 9062 Briarbrook, $149,000

US Bank National Association to Debrorah A. Marsco, 120 N. Aspen Court, $132,000

Daniel R. Lombardo to Casey A. and Farley and Laurie L. Saxon, 4140 Aleesa, $153,000


Shirl A. Swan-Mock to Teri M. Evangelista, 44 Orchard, $59,898

Karen M. Illencik to Austin J. Tapper, 118 Princeton, $105,000

Richard A. Desantis to James W. and Cynthia K. Bullock, Liberty, $26,000

Barry C. Winchester to Keisha Clark, 60 Forest Hill, $210,000

Daniel Radanovic to Linda Butler, 311 Rebecca, $82,000

Richard T. Lape to Bryan Campbell, 440 Simler to $133,900

Craig Yaniglos to Edward F. Palestro Jr. and Linda M. Pales, 310 Princeton, $98,000


Judith Dunn to Christian M. Swartz, Warren Meadville, $84,000


BER Real Estate Investments I LLC to Allen Kushynski, Orchard, $1,448,862

Thomas E. Battison to Andrew M. Applegate, 915 Tibbets Wick, $101,000

Kenneth C. Jameson to Melissa A. Smith and Jason L. Smith II, 213 Laurel, $105,000

Keith A. Gunther and Jill M. Gunther to Joseph A. Rader, Smithsonian, $65,000


Gabrielle Nikolin to Jennifer L. Poling and Kathleen Scarneccia, 327 Pennsylvania, $114,000


Greg Van Boxel to Thomas Hanick, 6269 Morrell Ray, $67,000

James C. and Becky J. Hayslett to Savannah and Derek Babcock, 5398 Lakeview, $165,000


Don Paul C. Wilson to Nabil Zayed, 2220 W. River, $100,000

L&V Associates to Joyce A. Almashy, 2033 E. River Unit 37 B, $135,000

Justin N. Young to Jamie Lyn Waltermire, 329 Elizabeth, $90,000

Robert E. and Betty C. Wyant to Andrea S. Urso, 42 Quarry, $66,000


Marlene L. Stanko to MPR Properties LLC, 5 Park, $95,000

Nicholas P. Zordich and Debra A. Schuller to Nicholas P. Zordich, 1463 Tripodi Circle, $30,000

Eric Neely to Thomas W. Townley Sr. and Carol A. Towley, 1105 Shadowridge Road, $167,500

CBJ North LLC to Anthony Napolet, 113 Wilson, $60,000

IHS 1 LLC to 2019 Castle LLC, 38 Belmont, $22,750


Lisa M. Barhoover to Brad L. Bourne, 3217 Barclay Messerly, $104,500

James A. and Renee A. Beedle to Theresa Perine, 2628 Warren Burton, $77,000


Thomas Edward Hawley and Darlene J. Hawley to Aaron James and Mandy Renee Stingis, 4866 Coal, $134,000


Lisa Marie Kehre and Clarence Kehres to Bryan E. Gancs, 633 S. Leavitt, $85,000

Grace M. Petiya to Don Michael Drokin, 1633 Arthur, $70,000

Alfreda Wilson to the US National Bank Association, 1006 Bennett, $22,800

PNC National Bank Association to Heidi S. Mock, 364 Kenmore, $37,100

Janice E. Smith and Joanne C. Day to Patrick W. Lynch, 1784 Irene, $62,000

Sarah B. Ramey to JKV Investors B LP, 1216 Hollywood, $47,000

Doris E. Beck to Kathleen A. Neubeck, 4014 Long Hill, $106,000

Ronald and Sharon L. Calhoun to Cody J. Boatwright, 1748 Estabrook, $30,000

Dennis E. and Mary Joyce Webb to Elizabeth D. Bundy, 1706 Moncrest, $78,500


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