Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Feb. 5 to 12:


Alison L. Dunbar to Zachary S. Thompson, 4776 Durst Clagg, $135,000


Esther M. and WM Russel Whitmore to Patrick R. and Laura R. Whitmore, Eagle Creek Road, $41,244

Russ Whitmore Jr. and Esther Whitmore to Patrick R. and Laura R. Whitmore, Eagle Creek Road, $62,503


James G. and Jamie Brown to Michael and Stacey Rozzo, Hyde Shaffer, $35,000

Tristan P. Mahan to Thomas Francisco Jr. and Lacey Gwinn, 5922 state Route 45, $125,000


Dustin D. Ghizzoni to Ryan E. Fraley and Brittany A. Perfilio, 785 Lynita, $161,000

Robert D. Hartman Jr. and Kathryn A. Hartman to John D. Hether II, 367 Golf, $141,000

2019 Castle LLC to Mark A. and Nicole L. Hamm, 6115 Warren Sharon, $21,900


Sandra S. Watson to Timothy James Ring, 450 Center, $115,000

Steven D. and Brystal M. Freer to to Dale J. Larrison, 2147 High, $52,727

Nancy A. Thomas to Trevor T. and Brittany M. Ross, 270 Earl, $124,000

William Jones to Craig A. Mast Sr. and Pamela A. Mast, 4651 Mahoning, $145,000


Andrew D. and Mandrea M. Shuluga to Audrey M. and Douglas W. Stern, 131 Huntington Trail, $322,500

Levern N. Williams to Richard S. Kryzanowski and Joyce E. Stizza Kryzanowski, 3006 Bradley Brownlee, $50,000

Nicole L. and Aaron D. Brockway to PaXiong and Aaron Gilliam, 247 Portal, $205,000

Ashley N. Kawecki to Ryan P. Myers, 102 Diamond Way, $110,000

Angela Dick to Kyle C. Lamphear, 114 Erie St., $73,000


Scott D. Stoner and Lynn L. Copenhaver to Bruner Land Company Inc, $85,000


Shear Venture Corp to JKV Investors A LP, 446 Prospect, $59,000

Justin M. Miller to Carlo Caravaglia, 419 Hazel, $83,000


Roy L. Allen Jr. to Holli J. Richards, 3733 Demura, $98,000

Judith K. Gutelius to Paul E. and Sandra E. Marado, 508 Henn Hyde, $35,000

Diana M. Moss and Michael B. Cvengros to Christopher A. Martin, 126 N. Aspen Court, $159,000

Randy L. Jones to Todd M. Callen Sr. and Julie S. Callen, 3519 Ridgelawn, $39,000


Burrows Investments LLC to Steven C. and Amy L. Adams, 7805 Arthur, $62,000

Eldon L. Clute to Christopher G. Shipman, 264 Grandview, $50,000

Linda Kinser to Roberta and Debbie L. Johnson, 3288 Shadyside, $100,000

Karen Beene NKA Karen Bata to Danny and Jillian Duvall, 3646 Creed Ave., $250,000


Khim Bonner to NRZ REO IX LLC, 2930 Biscayne, $50,000

Jeffrey A. Rice to Howard E. Gerke and Joann Fox, Powers, $65,000


Theodore W. Pettigrew to Brent J. Ray, 1972 Austintown Warren, $60,000


US Bank National Association to Bonnie L. Sparks, 743 Oregon, $62,500


Russsell E. and Neil L. Poling to Kenneth O. and Irma E. Kuhns, 8772 state Route 534, $34,100


Shadetree Holdings LLC to Tiryn Quimon Marquis Frank, 3046 Malibu, $53,000

Tausha Elizabeth Bacorn to Ryan Thompson and Miranda Hebb, 3958 Pricetown North, $183,000

Thomas A. Reed to Brian Reed, 349 Arlington Blvd., $87,000

Dina Osiadacz to Jason Lightner, 32 Mahoning Court, $33,200


Denise R. Bowman to NRZ REO IX LLC, 2930 Biscayne, $50,000

Melissa A. Shiflett to Jacob M. Shiflett, 620 Ann, $87,500

Jeffrey A. and Lydia C. Corson to RJF #1LLC, 1010 Robbins, $62,900


Gary and Jeanne L. Peden to William Hamilton Jr. and Shannon G. Hamilton, Youngstown Conneaut, $55,000


Fred Hoff to Carole A. and Kyle L. Hoff, 660 Niles Vienna, $240,200


Jarrod A. Perry to Katrina E. and Miranda M. Bachman, 1350 Eastland, $82,000

Beverly M. Witt and Sandra D. Boros to Julie A. Blaine, 1021 Central Parkway, $79,000

Kimberly A. Urick to Patrick N. and Christine N. Bare, 1125 High, $26,000

Linda L. Guthrie and Michelle R. Weekley to PB and Sons LLC, $38,000

Jacob L. Bannister to David C. and Lavonne Morgan, Willard, $72,000

Nickem Holdings Inc to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 2170 Stephens, $24,000

Marilyn Feldman to Edmund M. Lenhart, 466 Iowa, $29,525

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Trumbull Rentals LLC, 1175 Trumbull, $28,100

NORCAP 1 LLC to Silver Hammer Investments LLC, 1027 Buena Vista, $29,236

Bruce E. and Nancy L. Collins to Jesse Allen George, 3925 Templeton, $38,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Christy L. Curtis, 1865 Northfield, $39,000


Theodore W. Pettigrew to Brent J. Ray, 1972 Austintown Warren, $60,000

Emmitt R. and Michelle Davis to Gordon C. Chambers, 1741 Dumont, $26,000


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