On the record – Lordstown

WHAT: Board of Education meeting Feb. 19

PRESENT: Cheryl Kistler, William Catlin, Carla Click, Niki Reid and Jackie Woodward and Superintendent Terry Armstrong

The board:

• Will seek input from the public on a planned community survey of the schools to be sent out late spring asking parents, students and residents about courses offered to students such as college credit classes, programs available to the public at schools and use of facilities. Kistler said each board member will come up with questions to include on the survey by March 11;

• Heard from high school teachers Julie Rook and Randy Fee, who asked the board to consider a change in the schedule by adding a half hour at the end of the day for teachers to hold meetings and also offer tutoring to students who stay after school for sports and other extracurricular events. Fee and Rook said students’ day could end at 2:30 or 2:35 p.m. instead of the current 3 p.m., creating a needed half hour for staff. They said study hall periods during the day are not always effective because a teacher is teaching when a student is in study hall or they have a duty. Parents and teachers at the meeting said the 2:30 p.m. release also allows students to get to sporting events sooner compared to other districts which get there earlier than 3 p.m.

• Heard from elementary teacher Alyssa Brookbank the Lordstown Elementary staff would like to see an earlier start to the school day with the 7.75-hour day that ends at 3:30 p.m. a very long day for primary grade students;

• Heard from Click, who said she was concerned of continual changes in the schedule and wanted to see if the current schedule works. Board members said they will review the requested schedule change items;

• Passed a resolution opposing EdChoice scholarship voucher program, which takes funds away from public schools for private schools.


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