Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Jan. 10 to 14:


David A. and Kenneth E. Ringler to Martin and Melvin Hochstetler, 9751 North Park, $365,000


Lucas and Angeline Shelton to Bandon M. and Brooke N. Ferry, 6729 Oakfield North, $190,000


Renee L. York to Lucy Van Kleeck, 127 Colonial, $138,950


Erma Cofer to Trisha L. Mossor and Thomas J. Mossor Jr., 4894 Myrtle, $130,000

Robinson Real Estate Investment to Victoria Harger and Jonathan Tiberio, 6038 Shafer Road, $195,000


David L. and Lydia M. Detweiler to Jason A. and Rachel D. Miller, 5411 Ensign Road, $250,000


Thomas M. Comichisto to Frank J. Piganelli, 948 Ward, $111,000


Paul Maholtz to John R. and Marty R. Detweiler, Hoagland Blackstub, $135,000

Jeanette L. Brookshire to Timothy R. and Arlene R. Miller, Durst Colebrook Road, $245,000


Terrance A. and Joyce E. Starcher to James Craig and Tracy V. Harrison, 107 N. Aspen Unit 4, $155,000


Patricia A. Gordon to Raymond E. Wallroff III, 3433 Roseview, $156,500

Thomas J. and Amber R. Babik to Melvin C. and Joann Coen, 2750 S. Fox North, $290,000


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Michael R. Ponikvar, 5357 Stoddard Hayes, $203,500


Salem Corporation Inc. to Gervase A. Reeve III, 6830 state Route 45, $225,000


Susan E. Birkholz to Robert Dickason, 1082 Academy, $47,100

Home and Land Developers LLC to Kenneth E. Fernence, 272 Potters Circle, $246,000


Timothy R. Williams and Michele L. Miller to Ronald P. Hartman Jr., 6002 Webb West, $90,000

Richard B. and Rhonda M. Thompson to Nicholas L. and Katie Gatrell, 6864 Golf, $174,000


Timothy R. and Arlene L. Miller to Edward E. Schlabach and Barbara Miller, 4737 Parks West Road, $182,500


Michele Ice to Jennifer Russ, 2033 E. River Road Unit 33, $150,000

Coleman C. Horvath Jr. to Challen E. Lane, 5092 Woodland, $111,000

Richard E. and Karen M. Baumen to Neil F. and Tania Beaulieu, 17 Bane, $107,000

Patricia Blymiller to Shara Sullivan, 3 Center, $31,000


MLCD Holdings LLC to Janice R. Pieper, 1517 Clark, $97,000

Adele M. Gerke to Nicole Harvey, 109 N. Bentley, $112,900

Matthew Dodgson and Cheri B. Garvin Dodgson to Sam Morelli, 30 S. Crandon, $88,000


Bernice Monter to Aaron and Nancy Erb, 6610 Orangeville Kinsman, $225,000


Chiraphinya Lydic to Affordable Storage Sollutions LLC, 3929 state Route 442, $100,000

William J. Breese and Samantha Breese to William Breese and Samantha Breese, 2044 state Route 534, $90,000


Trumbull County Take Flight to Deeaudra Edgerson, 226 Idylwild, $25,000

Ruthi Dolovy to GRI Resources LLC, 2294 Stephens, $23,294

Jimmy D. and Joyce A. Northcutt to Robert M. Miller, 710 Paige, $26,500

Net Investments LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 1865 Northfield, $31,000

Jennifer S. Neumann to Gabriel Arias Guerrero and Ann A. Rodriquez Romero, 158 Griswold, $27,000


Brenda L. Haines to Burkholder Properties LLC, 3725 Oakview, $80,000


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