Police: Parolee attempts to extort $1,000 from woman

WARREN — A Commerce Avenue resident reported that a man who periodically stayed at her apartment stole Social Security cards belonging to her children and herself and is trying to extort $1,000 for their safe return, according to a police report.

The victim told police the man occasionally had been allowed to stay at her apartment overnight, but on Monday, he was told he had to leave while she was at work, according to a police report.

Later, the man called her, demanding she give him $1,000, in smaller payments, if necessary, or he would sell the information. When she arrived home, she found the personal information had been removed, the report states.

On Tuesday, the woman went to Stone Gate Place Apartments to find the man. While at the apartments, the man called her cell, and while on speaker phone, told her he always keeps a gun on him and he was going to shoot her if she did not give him the money. The conversation was overheard by a witness, the report states.

The victim did not know the man’s last name, but said he is on parole.


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