Trumbull County property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County Oct. 28 to Oct 31


Miles A. and Barbara A. Kimbel to Holly L. Merkner, 910 Wilson Sharpsville, $170,000

Michael J. and David F. Larson to Thomas A. Romack, 3389 Eagles Loft, $95,000


JRO to Paul L. Francioni Jr., 5696 Corey Hunt, $305,000

Gregory P. Nypaver to Norman J. and John L. Yoder, 6870 Thompson Clark, $225,000


David McElrath to Larry T. and Lisa R. Bates, 5880 Warren Sharon, $87,000

Erica Beil to Kerri A. Luba, 5679 Warren Sharon, $125,000

Brookfield United Methodist Church to Betsy A. Moore, 893 Valley View, $109,500

Sabrina Ramirez to Ryan Matthew Broman, 6999 Warren Sharon, $100,000


Michael L. Crawford to Joshua A. and Leah V. Brown, 145 Airport, $217,500

Jeffrey A. and Maureen White to RTM Development LLC, 218 Durst, $50,000

Caldwell Builders LLC to Mark Andrew Dahlman, 5855 Mahoning, $67,500

Jeanne Boggs to DDZW InvestmentsLLC, 324 Towson, $63,360

William M. and Donna Medwick to Steven J. and Dorothy L. Markovich, 240 Earl, $115,000


Pauline Steinberg to Willard and Wendy Westfall, 560 Fowler, $158,900

Laurie J. Lundy to Kristine L. Lamphear, 112 Pearl, $57,000


Pamela M. Monroe to Pamela M. Monroe, 4833 Phalanx Mills Herner Road, $70,000


James W. Jr. and Debra L. Berry to Curits L. and Lynda Shaffer, 2847 Malibu, $145,500


Willow Pond Farm LLC to Dakota S. and Shelley B. Perkins, 7730 Wilson Sharpsville, $295,000


Kenneth R. Valentine Jr. to Dale A. and Tara M. Watkins, 8815 Altura, $150,000

Spring Run Limited to Mary Rupeka, Red Rock Run, $75,000

Nancy S. and William A. McAleer to Jonathan R. and Mallory I. Byrd, 9119 King Graves, $135,900

Terrie E. Turney to Zachary and Kayla Feydo, 8568 South, $95,000


Roger P. Lyon and Robin E. Britton to Cara B. Ryser, 1982 Drummond, $20,000


Linda M. McGraw to Ronald L. LeMaster, 6085 Kingsville, $25,300


Doris Jean Reid to Maribel Reyes and Orlando Rosario, Mansell, $38,000

Kimberly Hamilton to Timothy D. Slocum, 1153 Willowood, $55,000

Travis L. Meyers and Meredith A. Chambers to M. Annette Chambers, 4641 Fifth, $85,000


John E. and Frances C. Jerome to Sean C. Watkins, 409 Seventh, $92,000

Ryan Witkoski to Wesley Wade Noble, 250 Hayes, $47,000


John and Jane Gladd to Scott G. Thornton, 2372 Greenville, $33,000

Duane R. Seegert to Amanda Pekarovic and Kyle Freiberg, 884 Housel Craft, $116,400


Esther T. Gomes to Glenn and Sara Cameron, 4372 Lintz Townline Road, $207,000

Diane E. Baer to Billy A and Tammi J. Axiotis, 4051 McClure East, $71,000


Tracey L. Snyder to Justin J. Yost and Taylor R. Donnelly, 2648 Black Oak, $159,000

Robert L. Marino Jr. and Amy B. Marino to Robert Joseph Marino and Kylee Shaffer, 1855 Belle Terre, $143,000

Henry E. and Carole Jones to Justin Foley, 162 Blossom, $109,000

Joseph J. and Christine L. Vince to Robert L. Jr. and Amy Marino, 1867 Merlo Court, $206,000


Jerry P. Brady to Lyle Bertram, 4647 Warren Painesville, $74,900


Lola D. Smith to PHH Mortgage Corporation, 1359 Meadowbrook, $20,000

Jonathan Z. Shaw to Sammy and Christina M. Norman, 207 Laird, $39,000

Paula M. and Rebecca M. Mares to Timothy and and Shelley Stewart, 3231 Randolph, $45,000

Constance C. Davis to Emily A. Pudlowski, 1205 Atlantic, $74,000

Mykelle Marie and Jason Tilletski to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 681 Woodbine, $30,000

Thomas L. and Celeste L. Bohyer to William D. and Melissa L. Hoovre, 514 Perkinswood, $128,000

Kenneth L. and Jackie E. Horm to Christopher N. Sredniawa, 420 Kenmore, $94,900

Robert Sean Becker to Brian J. Yager and Tiffany Seagraves, 1737 Sheridan, $38,500


Home Savings Bank to Jeremy H. Morris, 2514 Beech, $64,000

Anthony and Todd Tedesco to James M. Coates III, 2126 Oakwood, $200,000


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