City man files plea on gun charges

WARREN — A Stonegate Apartments resident pleaded not guilty to firing a weapon within the city limits and tampering with evidence in connection with an incident that took place shortly after 3:30 p.m. Thursday outside of 1210 Robert Ave.

Allante Jones, 23, 1180 Robert Ave., was assigned a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to return before Warren Municipal Court Judge Terry Ivanchak Nov. 18, court records show.

A second person also was arrested on a nonrelated warrant, according to a police report. Jones, wearing a blue and yellow wind breaker jacket with a blue hood and black pants, was seen in a surveillance video outside of Stonegate’s “G” building carrying a rifle in his right hand, the police report states. He was seen on the video holding the rifle in a shouldered position looking down the sight of the rifle.

Jones, according to the report, was aiming the gun toward the entrance of the parking lot.

Two maintenance workers told police officers they heard two people arguing inside the “G” building. They later saw Jones walk from an apartment in the “G” building and fire several rounds into the ground toward the area of the person with whom he had been arguing.

A silver Volkswagen Jetta immediately fled the area, according to a police report.

Two 22LR casings were found in the grass near the sidewalk in front of the “G” building, according to the police report. Small caliber bullet holes were found in the windshield of a black Saturn Vue and two other small caliber holes were seen around the door of building “G.”

The video image then showed Jones carrying a tan bag into the laundry room of the “D” building. He carried the bag toward the window of the laundry room, the report states.

Officers later found a tan bag on the ground behind the “D” building. The tan bag contained a rifle that had been field stripped, meaning upper and lower pats of the gun had been taken apart using two release pins, the report states.

The bag and rifle found by the officers matched the bag seen in and being used and carried by Jones on the surveillance footage, the report states.

Video footage was supplied to police by Watch Tower Security Service.

At the time of his arrest, Jones asked one of the arresting officers a series of hypothetical questions about whether a person could get into trouble for firing a gun into the ground. He was told to talk to a lawyer, the report states.



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