Child’s police call aids mother

WARREN — A 7-year-old Northwest Boulevard girl ran to a neighbor’s house and called police at 7:51 a.m.. Sunday, reporting her mother was being beaten.

When officers arrived at 2275 Northwest Blvd., the mother, 25, was in the back of the house crying and screaming: “He has my child.” But officers said her daughter, distraught after witnessing her mother being assaulted, was at the neighor’s house.

The mother told officers she filed a domestic violence charge against the man and he’d recently gotten out of the county jail. He is the father of her children, the police report notes.

She said he broke into her house several times prior to Sunday’s confrontation, but she did not call the police.

Earlier in the day, when she was dropped off at the house by a friend with her three chidren, the man walked up with a small black firearm and pushed her into the house. He would not allow her to leave.

He ripped a glued wig off her head and punched her on the left side of the face, according to the report. She yelled for her children to jump out of the window and find someone to call the police.

As the children were running through the living room, the man stopped hitting her, trying to convince them not to call the police, according to the report. However, the 7-year old already was out of the house.

The man left the residence.

Charges on the police report include felonious assault, aggravated trespassing, kidnapping and domestic violence.



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