Weathersfield to install fixed speed cameras

WEATHERSFIELD — While some communities are considering getting rid of traffic cameras due to a provision in the state transportation budget that reduces local funding in 2020 by the amount of fines collected by the cameras, Weathersfield this week announced fixed speed cameras are coming to the township.

The cameras will be installed in the 2800 block of Tibbetts-Wick Road at Gardenland Avenue and on Salt Springs Road between Ohio Machinery Boulevard and Bundy Avenue. A full-time Weathersfield police officer will be present whenever any fixed-location traffic camera is in operation, according to a release from the township.

“With photo enforcement, drivers slow down, and our streets become safer for everyone,” said Weathersfield Township police Chief Michael Naples in the release.

Citations from the cameras will begin Nov. 18. By Ohio law, the township must observe a minimum 30-day “warning period” to assure public awareness before collecting fines from the devices, which monitor speed using a laser.

After the warning period, fines will be charged for vehicles traveling 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit, or 6 mph over the limit in school zones.

Signs notifying drivers that traffic cameras are used to enforce traffic laws are posted at all entrances to the township and within 300 feet of all fixed traffic- camera locations, in accordance with Ohio law.

Weathersfield has been using hand-held speed detectors since December 2015. A reduction in speeding has been attributed to the devices, the release states.

Additional fixed cameras may be installed on state Route 46 between 3859 S. Main St. and 3588 S. Main St., on McDonald Avenue between West Marshall Road and Ohltown McDonald Road, 1382 W. Park Road, Niles Warren River Road between DeForest Road Southeast and McRoberts Road, 1776 Austintown Warren Road, and 3304 Austintown Warren Road, according to the release.