Warren man arrested on weapon charge

WARREN — A 23-year old Jefferson Street SW resident was arrested shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday at 2227 Ogden Ave. NW, on suspicion of firing a weapon into the air.

Ronald R. Butler, 1501 Jefferson St. SW, was seen driving into the Ogden Avenue driveway and parking a silver Ford car, before getting out of the vehicle and walking toward the house.

When questioned on whether he had a gun, Butler said he did not and then allowed a pat-down. Police did not find a gun, but later found bullets on a table in the living room and suspected drugs on the floor next to where Butler was standing.

He denied the bullets or the drugs belonged to him, according to the police report.

When officers looked in the front windshield of the locked vehicle that an officer saw Butler had driven, the butt of a black semi-automatic handgun could be seen under the driver’s seat. The gun later was found to have a magazine with nine rounds in it and one round in its chamber.

Butler was arrested on a previous driving under suspicious charge. When an officer attempted to place him in the rear of a police car, Butler described previously being shot and said it was difficult to sit in the rear of a car. He was taken to the Trumbull County jail.