Property transfers

Property transfers recoded in Trumbull County Oct. 7-10:


Cynthia S. Payton to Kayle Swift and Carly McClellan, 960 Johnson Plank, $150,000

Walter S. and Maryann Freedy to Richard Harold Jolly Jr. and Megan Cara Jolly, state Route 5, $90,000


Karla C. Mohler to Eli H. and Esther S. Miller, 1091 Bailey Anderson, $48,500


Charles and Sandra Hudak to Darryl Didado, 4991 Corey Hunt, $230,000


Michael Papalios to Joshua C. Uyek, 428 Durst, $103,000

Douglas M. Jones to David Oakman, 5789 Mahoning Ave., $29,500

TAG Resources LLC to Matthew J. Smith, 6050 Ridge Run Drive, $222,000

Jake S. Byler and Melvin A. Detweiler to EM Lumber, Bristol Champion Townline Road, $165,000

Jake S. Byler and Melvin A. Detweiler to Wyatt C. Kingery, 516 Bristol Champion Townline Road, $120,000

Diane Marie Chelsea to Amy L. Post, 5271 Alva, $94,000

Michael D. Decavitch to Robert A. Glass, 1007 State, $128,000


Carmine G. Trenga II to Lauren D. Bashlor and Timothy W. King, Brookfield, $90,000


Ernest Grekis to Kings Home Properties LLC, 304 N. High, $60,000


David R. and Anna J. Byler to Roy C. and Arelene L. Mullet, 5350 Old State Road, $100,000

Darrin J. and Dina M. Cook to Middlefield Banking Company, 141 Second St., $26,000


April R. and Austin Bell to Roman Empire LLC, 3410 Bradley Brownlee, $155,000


Vicki L. Mancini to Brian J. Charles, 1118 Gary, $88,000

Leonard D. Dukes to Joseph A. and Carolyn F. Spano, 500 Prospect, $20,000

Robert and Ronald Lessick to John H. and Alexandra Leskovec, 1000 Ward, $90,000


Patricia A. Karchut to Mark S. and Kimberly P. Lazor, 125 Hickory Court, $162,000

Timothy A. and Anita D. Beaumont to James D. Steadman, 2009 Howland Wilson, $160,000

Larry E. Ringler to Beverly A. Chura, 8693 Old Orchard, $113,500

Kara L. and Steven W. Wilson to Jay R. Stuler, 7986 Castle Rock, $149,900

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Marwan Issa Yacoub, 500 Rosegarden, $58,956

David P. Carr to Wayne W. Zimmerman, 7953 Anderson, $81,500


William and Cassie Moss to James L. and Linda L. McMonagle, 1194 W. Liberty, $135,000

Lilymac Properties LTD to George F. and Caliope Capuzello, South Fox North, $55,000

Christopher Scott Miner to JPMorgan Chase National Bank Association, 28 Fox, $40,000

Heather R. Haywood to Jessica Carfangia, 859 Moore, $95,000


Jeffrey S. Solomon to Lesley A. Greene, 5471 Logan Arms, $123,000

Angelo S. and Stephanie I. Locastro to Jaron Chambers, 6224 Klines Drive, $275,000

Charles L. Achey Sr. to Nicholas J. Carano Sr., 3476 Hadley, $29,000


Tommy T. Wolikow to Eloise C. Sheesly and Jazzalynn Williams, Lyntz Townline Road, $119,500

Rita Bobco and Barbara McCombs to Catherine A. Namesik, 2076 Carson Salt Springs, $125,000


Todd D. Evans to Durst Holdings LLC, 365 Utah, $97,200


Pauline A. Robson to Landcor LLC, 3536 Niles Cortland, $45,000


Clara and Francine Nash to Melvin and Alma Kauffman, Brigden, $21,500


Vikki M. Wolf and Daniel Hurton to Daniel Hurton and Hope Hurton, 411 Lafayette, $34,850

Grace Hreno to Anthony and Bridget D’Urso, 488 Rhodes, $250,000

Agnes Hernanadez to Divvy Homes Warehouse II LLC, 812 Bowman, $80,000


Richard A. Gotshall to John M. and Laura F. Rubesich, 1602 Henn Hyde, $149,600

John A. Spirko to Amanda M. Busick, 5543 Warren Sharon, $165,000

Youngstown State University to Paul R. and Ashley S. Santone, Sodom Hutchings, $306,500

Thelma I. Gibson to Raymond T. and Carolyn S. Beck, 1166 Youngstown Kingsville, $114,900


Huntington National Bank to Jacob T. Smith, 3320 Templeton, $20,000

Sikora Properties LLC to Ohio Property Portfolio 2019 Series C, 295 W. Market, $610,000

Kim Schoendube and Kamel M. Salem to Haril R. and Bethany Hurst, 2736 Merriweather, $25,000

Holly M. Montecalvo to Amber Q. Jones, 2879 Linda, $56,400

Kyle Blake to Theresa A. Carter, 4040 Greenmont, $138,000

Robert McBurney to Gail J. and Kelli Steinbeck, 2045 Glenn, $160,000

Douglas L. and Phyllis J. Kingsbury to Nancy J. Wilkins, 2848 Crestwood, $52,000


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