On the record – LaBrae

WHAT: Board of Education meeting Monday

PRESENT: Russell Sewell, Diane Duncan, Gary Morton and Tim Gibson

ABSENT: Virginia Blaney

The board:

• Heard from Superintendent Anthony Calderone that BSHM Architects have looked at updating the security of doors at Bascom Elementary with different proposals for the project being looked at. Officials want to make the school’s entrance more secure;

• Heard from Calderone that he met with Jones and Young of Warren which will assist with grant writing for the district including seeking a $40,000 Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation security grant for the door security project at Bascom, more security cameras at Bascom, and also other grants for a school resource officer and equipment to help reduce employee injury;

• Heard from Calderone that 600 feet of drain pipe was installed at the school ballfields to help with flooding issues;

• Accepted the retirement resignations of middle school teacher Jo Stanovcak with more than 30 years effective May 31 and high school teacher Brenda Farone with 19 years effective June 30;

• Hired Kevin Bosak as a bus driver on a one-year contract effective Oct. 10 ,replacing Beth Kennedy who resigned as a bus driver on Oct. 4;

• Approved participating in the energy sales agreement with Engie Resources LLC per a master electric agreement with Ohio’s Power 4 Schools consortium;

• Scheduled a work session for 9:30 a.m. Oct. 21 on air conditioning unit options for the roofs of the school buildings and also the five-year forecast;

• Scheduled a community forum 7 p.m. Oct. 28 on school funding and House Bill 305.