Corner mart to provide fresh produce

WARREN — Thanks to the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, corner stores, including the Lucky 7 Food Market on Market Street, are able to sell fresh produce in the city.

The Lucky 7 Food Market, owned by Mike and Duroub Yacoub, opened about five months ago and is happy to be able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to Warren residents.

Duroub said she and her husband jumped at the opportunity when TNP asked them to be a part of the program.

“We want to show people that we are here for the community. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables and you don’t need to drive to get here,” said Duroub, who noticed that a lot of residents don’t have access to transportation to go to the bigger name grocery stores and get healthy food. “Our main thing is healthy eating.”

“We are trying our best to make the community better,” Mike added. “If there’s a way we can help, we will help.”

Christian Bennett, food access coordinator with the TNP, coordinated the healthy eating event at Lucky 7 to spread awareness of the food disparities in the city, and to highlight the local markets for stepping up and filling this gap in the community.

“It’s very important, people need to know what is available to them so they can benefit,” said Bennett. “I don’t think the bigger grocery stores will be scared — these cornerstores are just filling the gap.”

In addition to offering free meals, the event provided cooking demonstrations, free blood pressure screenings from the Warren Health District and provided children with activities centered around healthy eating.

“We always have activities to keep kids busy,” said TNP program associate Christina Campbell. “We have activity books that show veggies and we are trying to expose them to these foods so they can make healthier choices.”

The Yacoubs cooked all of the food for their healthy eating event and hope to open a kitchen in the store soon that would provide healthy home cooked options for the community including shish kabobs, rice and cooked vegetables. They said they would like to offer one free meal a day or operate on a pay-it-forward basis.

“I love that they are doing this, it’s really what the community needs,” said TNP volunteer Leslie Rivera.



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