Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Sept. 10-16:


Da Lou Huang to Todd J. Smith, 2510 Ivy Hill Circle Unit C, $41,000


John E. Turkovich to Citizens Bank NA, 3918 state Route 82, $190,000

Elmer L. Gilanyi to Heidi L. Berger, 1856 state Route 534, $60,000

Ladda Love to Patrick R. and Laura R. Whitmore, 1984 Barclay Messerly, $275,000

Rozella Mongelluzzo to Robert and Amanda L. Grimm, 725 Center World S., $26,000


Nathan Ray Urick to Stephen P. and Christina Burns, 5687 Stewart Sharon, $129,900


Daniel M. and Diane S. Swaffar to Dana Brugker, Angel Court, $25,000

James C. and Kathleen V. Funtulis to Michael and Kathryn Duncan, 7172 Mahoning, $200,000


Seth Woitaszewski to OCH and Chloe M. Hubbard, 270 E. Main, $154,000


Nicholas A. Reese to Gwendolyn M. Faley, 4580 Lakeview, $125,000

Mary K. Henson to Jacob A. Milller, 4648 Geauga Portage Easterly, $96,500

Crist H. and Linda C. Miller to Norman H. and Karen E. Miller, 7276 Girdle, $150,000


Thomas R. III and Tiffany R. Davis to Amie N. Hassey, 211 E. Second, $83,000

Ahren Alexander Peplow to Kevin R. Gottschalk and Haley R. Wise, 703 Kline, $96,000


Brian and Cynthia Ewing to Quicken Loans Inc., 8668 Thompson Sharpsville, $46,000

Craig A. and Constance M. Fauvie to Frederick Donald Rupert Jr., 5747 Everett Hull Road, $270,000


Thomas J. and Karen R. Klier to Bill Myers, 9220 Briarbrook, $217,500

William M. Border to Perry L. Ross, 2791 Orchard, $40,000

James Michael Guerdon to Mines Road Development LLC, 6049 Mines, $65,000

Barbara A. Yugovich to Stephanie L. Yugovich, 3804 Jeanette, $100,000

Adam C. Mendenhall to Gary A. and Coleen L. Felger, 7931 Glen Oaks, $146,750

Chris and Margaret Gilger to Carole J. and Henry E. Jones, 700 North, $138,000


Thereann Mageros to Paul H. Geisler, 111 Charles St., $24,000

Matthew P. and Loni M. McNany to Steven and Carlene Helsel Kather, 7048 Pine Grove, $169,150

Michael W. Wylie and Gregory C. Hess to Jacob F. and Raeschelle L. Sydlowski, 3601 Orchard, $66,500

James L. and Linda L. McMonagle to Joseph M. Takash and Emily J. Schrecengost, 1766 Kokomo Drive, $252,000

Brent A. Mager to John and Vanessa Lytle, 562 Bristol Champion Townline, $180,500

Bud J. and Rebecca E. Watson to Kyle Kristopher Kizima, 7001 Thornton, $81,500


Joseph J. Nagle to Jaclyn R. Bailey, 772 Mansell, $84,000

Cheryl D. Leshnack to Robert Seese, 5897 Sampson, $123,000

James and Dorothy Blomstrom to Debra Ann Weiss, 3405 Logan Way, $195,000

Dominic and Tiffany Lynn Dirubba to Charles H. and Veronica A. Sutton, 2210 East Arms, $142,000

Grace E. Williams to S&J Hannah Properties LLC, 1005 Keefer, $39,000

Deborah A. Ifft to Diane M. Ifft, 202 Churchill,$40,000


Carol L. Holmes Chambers to Alex M. and Kelsey L. Kridler, 1949 Lyntz Townline Road, $160,260


Ronald L. Jr. and Kellie Paden to Rebecca J. Young, 316 Indiana, $95,000


3Packet.com Inc to Brandon Catchpole, 6638 Phillips Rice, $20,000


Jerald and Melissa Joyce to Michael A. and Maureen P. Foster, 4600 Gates East Road, $255,000

Marty A. and Wilma T. Miller to David M. and Katie M. Troyer, 9855 Girdle Road, $375,000


Roxanne L. Torella to James Joseph Skiffey Jr., 830 Vienna, $79,000

Agnes E. Noble to Agnes E. Noble, 12 Morningside, $55,000

David A. and Kathleen P. Yingling to George J. and Philomena T. Danso, 836 John, $79,000


Jeremiah J. Cyphert to Arthur D. and Karen K. Likens, 6840 state Route 88, $212,000


Kathleen M. Olson to TMS Land Management LLC, 1255 Perkinswood, $22,500

Rekha Padubirdi to Long Cove Holdings 4 LLC, Oak Knoll, $200,000

Charles M. Mooney to Dedrek L. and Tiffany M. Morris, 2828 Palmyra, $66,887

Charles and Karen Homchosky to Steven T. Pugh, 1561 Birch Run Drive. $130,000

U.S. Bank National Association to Cory B. Clement and Deanna N. Cameneti, 731 Perkinswood Boulevard, $96,000

Deanna J. Cottrell to Victory Christian Center Inc, 4341 N. Tod Ave., $65,000

Gregory A. Adams and Linda H. Low to Amy M. Lew, 3336 Williamsburg, $57,500

Alan E. Bensky to Joshua L. Zimmerman, 734 Willard, $57,000


Elaine M. Kroehle and Nancy J. Wingard to Roseanne M. Padgett, 1809 Ethel Ave., $97,500

Sophie Piowarsy to Edward K. and Carlene M. Whittaker, 1652 Warner Ave., $100,000


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