On the record — Hubbard Township

WHAT: Township trustees meeting Monday evening

PRESENT: Fred Hanley, Richard Hernandez and Thomas Jacobs


• Heard from ODOT communications that the safety study will be extended from the Liberty Township line to the state line;

• Voted to ground the police cars at the station when they are not in use. The full-time police officers were granted the ability to take their cruisers home at the last township meeting, but the union sent a letter stating that this was unfair to officers living within five miles of the station. This will benefit the department because it cuts down on gas usage and wear and tear on the vehicles;

• Voted against extending the part-time police staffing contracts per union recommendation because the trustees aren’t confident that they will be able to afford it. These contracts are currently frozen and will expire at the end of the year. Negotiations will be taking place regarding this matter;

• Are in the process of discussing how to build a salt dome in the township. According to Trustee Hernandez, the state of Ohio is requiring all townships to have a salt dome, and they will be fined for every month they do not have one. He said the project would be more than $60,000, which the township does not have, and trustees will see if they can move forward enough to show the state that they are complying while being affordable to the township.