Woman detained in car incident

WARREN — A woman who “rented” her car to two men with the street names of “Terell” and “Face” found herself unwillingly held in the vehicle at 7 p.m. Monday when she met with the two men in the parking lot of the Pit Stop, 1708 Youngstown Road, to pick up her car and a $60 payment for its use.

The Youngstown woman, 32, had gotten into the rear seat of her car when the two men said they wanted to keep the vehicle a little longer and wanted her to go with them, according to the report. They drove away from the gas station before she could get out.

A third unidentified man who was in the back seat with the woman jumped out of the vehicle as it sped out of the Pit Stop lot heading toward Niles Road, the police report states.

A friend of the victim, who had traveled with her to the Pit Stop, followed them in his car. That caused the suspects to drive recklessly through yards. The men abruptly stopped the car and ran away, according to the report.