Speed camera ruling appealed

WARREN — Attorneys for Girard and Blueline Solutions are appealing a judge’s ruling defining the terms of the class-action lawsuit filed against the two in connection to handheld traffic speed camera tickets.

Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Andrew D. Logan in July issued a judgment entry defining the class and subclasses of the class-action suit, allowing anyone to participate in the suit who was issued a citation in excess of 55 mph in the westbound lane of Interstate 80 between Dec. 7, 2017, and Jan. 8, 2018.

Girard issued 7,733 citations through its contracted company, Blue Line Solutions, according to court documents. The first subclass is made up of people who paid some type of fine, penalty or fees; the second is anyone who did not pay anything. Of those cited, 6,784 paid a fine and 949 did not, according to court documents.

The plaintiffs contend they received tickets for speeding in a construction zone that was not a construction zone.

The city argues the people who were ticketed should have filed an appeal through the outlined administrative process to object to the tickets, and the people allowed to participate in the class-action suit through Logan’s ruling is too broad.


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