Ex-Vienna police officer pleads guilty

WARREN — Prosecutors want a former Mathews school resource officer and Vienna police officer to serve jail time after he pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges associated with break-ins at the school and police department while he was on the job.

Sgt. Michael Sheehy, 32, Highlawn Avenue, Warren, pleaded guilty in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court to two counts of breaking and entering, and one count each of theft in office, possessing criminal tools, petty theft and aggravated possession of drugs, according to Trumbull County Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Becker.

One count of theft was dismissed.

“We always recommend incarceration on theft-in-office cases, and we have in this case too,” Becker said.

The prosecutor’s office is leaving the elements of the sentence up to the discretion of the court. Judge Andrew D. Logan requested a background check before he hands down a sentence.

Sheehy resigned in February from the Vienna Township Police Department after he was indicted on the charges.

He was hired as a school resource officer in September 2018, and among his responsibilities was conducting drug-abuse prevention programs in the school district. The former DARE officer is said to have used, possessed or obtained fentanyl on Jan. 29, the day he was released from the Trumbull County Jail after spending one night there, according to the complaint. He was ordered by a Girard judge to enter drug treatment before he was indicted by the county grand jury.

On Dec. 16, Sheehy broke into Mathews High School in order to commit theft, but the report does not state what may have been stolen, according to a complaint.

The complaint also states Sheehy broke into Vienna Township Police Department property room Jan. 28, which is the same day he is accused of taking $700 and using a “lockout key” or a “slim jim,” which is the criminal tool referred to in the indictment.

The complaint filed in Girard Municipal Court states Sheehy took the $700 from a locked police cruiser. And that complaint states he took two M4 rifles from the department without proper authorization. The rifles have an estimated value of $2,400.

The rifles and the use of the lockout key, a police tool, led to the theft-in-office charges because he used the access his position gave him to aid him, the complaint states. It states Sheehy took the rifles on Jan. 23, which led to the grand theft charge, while the petty theft charge is based on the theft of $700, according to the complaint.



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