Bazetta reviews options on Imagination Station

BAZETTA — The Bazetta Park Board has received a favorable inspection report from Play By Design on Imagination Station and found the 25-year-old play area is in good condition despite its age.

Board member Laura Yarabenetz said at Tuesday’s meeting that since two members of the five-member board could not attend, they did not have a quorum to pass anything, but did review the recommendations from Play By Design.

Board member Jane Lewis said township trustees already have a copy of the recommendations for what needs done at Imagination Station.

“There were no major issues in the report. We were told the wood was in good shape because of the shade from the trees, “ Lewis said.

Yarabenetz said Lee Archin of Play By Design, who oversaw the actual construction of Imagination Station in the 1990s, said there are phases of work that need to be done at Imagination Station. She said the first phase is the play area needs to be power-washed, sanded and sealed.

“The wood is in good shape. There are needed upgrades based on rules and guidelines for play areas that have changed since 25 years ago,” Lewis said.

Yarabenetz said the upgrades are simply to get the play area up to code for 2020.

Board members said their goal is to continue to provide the park and play area, which is used by many local families.

In nearby Howland, park board members there are having a new Tiger Town playground constructed at the entrance of the main township park since the former play area, which was taken down, had wood that had aged and created safety concerns. The former Tiger Town was more than 20 years old.

Jeff Liber, president of the Lakeview Athletic Club, said plans include improvements to the township park ball fields. Upcoming fundraisers, such as a Night at the Races, will be held to generate money for the improvements.

Another park addition is a flagpole installed by a local Boy Scout for his Eagle Scout project.