Trumbull County Junior Fair results


• Market steer — Grand champion, Anistyn Williams; Reserve champion, Luke Culp

• Carcass steer — Grand champion, Marcus Murray; Reserve champion, John Shaw III

• Showmanship — Senior, Luke Culp; Intermediate, Sydney Morrison; Junior, Cadence Imhoff; Novice, Sophia Balzer; Showman of showmen, Luke Culp

• Outstanding projects — Senior, Luke Culp; Intermediate, Sydney Morrison; Junior, Cadence Imhoff; Novice, Sophia Balzer; Carcass rate of gain, Maddison Murray; Live rate of gain, Marcus Murray



• Senior — Matt Trumbull, first

• Intermediate — Luke Wagner, first; Sam Wagner, second; Emma Wylie, third; Logan Nott, fourth; Leah Perris, fifth; Justin Hall, sixth

• Junior — Sydney Collins, first; Jenna Perris, second; JoAnne Postlethwait, third; Anna Haynie, fourth; Joshua Musson, fifth; Brooke Perris, sixth

• Novice — Rayna Lambert, first; Alessandra Matteo, second; Grace Stout, third; Frankie Stimac, fourth; Emma Ward, fifth; Kaitlyn Benton, sixth; Breanna Young, seventh; Andrew Totten, eighth

• Advanced winner — Josie Wagner

• Best gamebird — Emma Ward

• Best turkey — Sam Wagner

Standard breed winners

• American class — Sydney Collins, Barred rock

• Asiatic class — Joshua Musson, Bramha

• Continental class — Alessandra Matteo, Maran

• English class — Joshua Musson, Australorp

• Meditteranean class — Joshua Musson, Leghorn

• All Other Class — Josie Wagner, Ameraucana

• Best standard breed — Alessandra Matteo

Bantam breed winners

• Single comb clean legged — Brooke Perris, Ohiki

• Feather legged — Justin Hall, Silkie

Game — Emma Wylie, Old English

• Best bantam breed — Justin Hall

Duck breed winners

• Heavy — Joshua Musson, Pekin

• Medium — Anna Haynie, Cayuga

• Light — Anna Haynie, Runner

• Bantam — Matt Trumbull, Call

• Best duck — Matt Trumbull

Best of show — Alessandra Matteo



• Senior — Christina Socha, first; Matt Byler, second; Timothy Hanusosky, third

• Intermediate — Logan Nott, first; Logan Easterday, second; Maggie Guy, third; Leah Perris, fourth; Justin Hall, fifth; Camryn Perris, sixth; Allison Rowe, seventh

• Junior — JoAnne Postlethwait, first; Dalton McFall, second; Brooke Perris, third; Jenna Perris, fourth; Joshua Musson, fifth

• Novice — Amanda Franko, first; Scott Thompson, second; Grace Stout, third; Justin Franko, fourth; Julia Byler, fifth; Cory Vanderslice, sixth; Matthew Murphy, seventh

• Advanced winner — Christian Socha


• Justin Hall, grand champion and reserve champion; Wyatt Bauer, third and fourth


• Logan Nott, frand champion; Logan Easterday, reserve champion; Justin Franko, third; Nathan Omerzo, fourth; Amanda Franko, fifth; Justin Franko, sixth; Amanda Franko, seventh; Nathan Omerzo, eighth; Logan Easterday, ninth; Allison Rowe, 10th


• Christian Socha, Grand champion; Julia Byler, Reserve champion; Christian Socha, third and fourth; Matthew Murphy, fifth; Nathan Omerzo, sixth and seventh; Logan Nott, eighth; Joshua Musson, ninth; Logan Nott, 10th


• Float competition — Most original, Rogue Riders; funniest, Trumbull County Beef Boosters; most patriotic, Buckeye; outstanding, T.C.E.; marching, Brookfield 4-H Friends

• Kenny Rhine Award — Claire Edwards and Maddy Donaldson

• Patriotic costume class — Best group, Harleigh Bortz, Hayden Bortz and Holton Bortz; best horse and rider, Sierra Kaster; best pony, Abbie Postlethwait

• Costume class — Prettiest, Chloe Robbins; original, Harleigh Bortz; funniest, Madeline Morton, Layla Mulligan and family; best pony, Abbie Postlethwait; best horse, Rachael Freel; best group, Allison Redman, Ashlyn Hogue and Autumn Nichols; best overall, Chloe Robbins; Judge’s choice, Mylee Seger


• Walk-trot horseperson — Kaelynn Hickey, Grand champion; Bre Winland, Reserve champion

• Junior horsperson — Ashlyn Hogue, grand champion; reserve champion, Rachael Freel; Claire Edwards, third

• Senior horseperson — Allison Redman, grand champion; Zach Meyer, reserve champion; Madeline Morton, third; Emily Jones, fourth; Kylie Jackson, fifth; McKenzie Dyson, sixth


• Suffolk yearling ewe class — Jocelyn Birmingham, first and second

• Crossbred yearling ewe class — Mason Coelho, first; Gavin Coelho, second

• Grand champion — Mason Coelho

• Reserve champion — Gavin Coelho


• Rabbits, junior (ages 9-11) — Riley McClary, first; Noah Moore, second; Kaitlyn Benton, third

• Rabbits, intermediate (ages 12-14), Andrea Williams, first

• Guinea pig, junior — Zoe Williams, first

• Guinea pig, intermediate — Ryan DiPietro, first

• Reptile, junior — Sydney Collins, first

• Cats, junior — Chelsea Dean, first; Regan Johnson, second; Arianna Huber, third

• Cats, intermediate — Lindsay Dean, first; Elizabeth Logan, second; Gabbi Willaman, third; Lucy McKowan, fourth

• Cats, senior (ages 15-18) — Hannah Gilligan, first; Ryan Hickey, second; Mickayla Lichty, third

• Beef, junior — Zane Johnson, first

• Poultry, junior — Andrew Totten, first; Rayna Lambert, second

• Fun with Physics, junior — Ethan Johnson, first

• What is 4-H? junior — Addie Kistler, first

• Cloverbuds — Brooke Benton, 7; Rylee Lingsoh, 8; Lukus Darr, 8; Cyleigh Waite, 6; and Abigail Totten, 6


• Cloverbud Pledge — Lucas Darr, 8, Kounty Kritters, first; Abigail Totten, 6, Trumbull County Wild Clovers & Kountry Kids, second; Celia Benton, 7, Trumbull County Hare Raisers, third

• Junior Pledge — Zane Johnson, 10, Trumbull County Wild Clovers, first; Kaitlyn Benton, 10, Trumbull County Hare Raisers, second; Andrew Totten, 10, Trumbull County Wild Clovers & Kountry Kids, third

• Junior 1 — Isabella Bailey, 9, Kinsman Busy Bees, “How To Make a Bird Feeder,” first; Zane Johnson, 10, Trumbull County Wild Clovers, “The Dangers of Diabetes in Dogs,” second; Andrew Totten, 10, Trumbull County Wild Clovers & Kountry Kids, “Tooth Disease of Rabbits,” third

• Junior 3 — Rayna Lambert, 11, Kinsman Kids, “Monarch Butterflies,” first; Alessandra Matteo, 11, Brookfield 4-H Friends, “Plastic Drinking Straws and Other Single-use Unnecessary Plastics and Their Impact On Our Environment,” second; Ella Mae Parthemer, 13, Kinsman Busy Bees, “Recycling,” third

• Junior 5 — Colby Turon, 14, Trumbull County Dairy Judging Team, “Clipping,” first; Caylie Shook, 15, Trumbull’s Best Shepherds, “Martial Arts Fundamentals,” second

• Junior 8 — Ethan Johnson, 9, Trumbull County Wild Clovers, “Thank You Card with Computer Graphics,” first


• Grand champion, Hannah Gilligan; Reserve champion, Ryan Hickey; junior (ages 9-11), Chelsea Dean, first; Regan Johnson, second; Zane Johnson, third; intermediate (ages 12-13), Elizabeth Logan, first; Gabbi Willaman, second; Lindsay Dean, third; Madison Brainard, fourth; senior (ages 14-18), Ryan Hickey, first; Hannah Gilligan, second; Mickayla Lichty, third; Kiara DiPietro, fourth; Amanda McCauley, fifth.