Trumbull County Fair results

• Lambs

Market Lambs

Lightweight Class — Justin Hall, first place, 110 pounds; Seri Williams, second, 124 pounds; Callae Moody, third, 117 pounds; Alisandra Enyeart, fourth, 115 pounds; Nicholas Jones, fifth, 95 pounds; Mason Coelho, sixth, 93 pounds; Allison Rowe, seventh, 121 pounds; Amy Strimple, eighth, 121 pounds

Middleweight Class — Justin Hall, first place, 132 pounds; Lauren Phillips, 132 pounds; Wyatt Corson, third; 125 pounds; Chloe Unruh, fourth, 125 pounds; Milenka Moody, fifth, 135 pounds; Alisandra Enyeart, sixth, 125 pounds; Allison Rowe, seventh, 127 pounds; Milenka Moody, eighth, 133 pounds.

Heavyweight Class — Jordan Ramsey, first place, 144 pounds; Jordan Ramsey, second, 142 pounds; Lauren Phillips, third, 138 pounds; Logan Corson, fourth, 141 pounds; Nicholas Jones, fifth, 136 pounds; Maddison Pineda, sixth, 144 pounds; Chloe Unruh, seventh, 144 pounds; Laura Perticone, eighth, 152 pounds; Laura Perticone, ninth, 148 pounds; Callae Moody, 10th, 136 pounds.

Grand Championship — Justin Hall, grand champion; Lauren Phillips, reserve champion; Jordan Ramsey, third; Jordan Ramsey, fourth; Justin Hall, fifth; Seri Williams, sixth.

Lamb Carcasses — Grayson Moody, grand champion; Callae Moody, reserve champion; Laura Perticone, third place; Nicholas Jones; fourth; Wyatt Corson, fifth; Laura Perticone, sixth; Logan Corson; seventh; Maddison Pineda, eighth; Gavin Coelho, ninth.

Rate of Gain, live market lamb — Allison Rowe

Rate of Gain, carcass lamb — Wyatt Corson

Novice Master Shepherd — Jordan Ramsey

Junior Master Shepherd — Seri Williams

Intermediate Master Shepherd — Lauren Phillips

Senior Master Shepherd — Callae Moody

Lamb Showmanship

Novice — Jordan Ramsey, first place; Gavin Coelho, second; Allison Rowe, third, Jocelyn Birmingham fourth.

Intermediate — Lauren Phillips, first; Justin Hall, second, Chloe Unruh, third; Laura Perticone, fourth; Logan Corson, fifth; Wyatt Corson, sixth; Nicholas Jones, seventh; Milenka Moody, eighth; Amy Strimple, ninth.

Junior — Seri Williams, first place; Mason Coelho, second; Maddison Pineda, third; Alisandra Enyeart, fourth.

Senior — Callae Moody, first place.

Overall Showman — Lauren Phillips