SWAG serves up tea and message of self-love in Warren

WARREN — Tea, with a side of self-love, was served Saturday afternoon at the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center in downtown Warren.

Approximately 50 girls between the ages of 8 and 12 showed up for a tea party hosted by Sisters Welcoming All Generations. SWAG is a nonprofit organization that teaches people to “F.L.Y.,” which means to first love yourself.

Tea was served in teapots, and girls were taught the proper etiquette of how a lady should sit.

“It’s like an empowering conference for little girls to let them know how to self-love. That’s the theme — self-love,” said Cynthia McNair, board member for SWAG. “It’s awesome. A lot of little girls don’t know how to love themselves because they haven’t been shown how to love themselves.”

McNair said the group wanted each girl to leave the tea party with a sense of purpose.

“So they can understand who they are as individuals because there are so many negative images that are portrayed on TV and stuff that they see, whether it be in the neighborhood or wherever,” McNair said. “We want to give them something on the positive aspect so they can take away from this conference a sense of ‘I’m great.'”

Along with the tea party, there also were activities that promoted self-love. One of the activities was called “mirror me” where the girls were read a story that teaches them how to look at themselves in a positive light.

“Society makes us think that we’re supposed to look at ourselves and if we’re not a certain height or certain weight, shape or color, whatever, we are no good. But this is teaching them to love yourself regardless of what you look like,” McNair said.

Another activity had the girls making crowns. The girls glued colored hearts to the crowns, with each color meaning something different.

“When they put that on, it might be a fake crown but it holds so much meaning and power because it’s letting them know to stand tall and stand proud,” McNair said.

The girls were also given the chance to make vision boards with goals on them of what they wanted to accomplish, whether it be a long-term goal or an everyday one.

McNair said they are hoping to host the event again in the future.