Sexual offender adds time for probation violation

WARREN — A man convicted of child pornography in 2016 and sentenced Monday to three years in prison for failing to complete sexual offender release requirements received more time Thursday for the violation of his 2016 probation.

Vincent E. Heflin, 45, 642 Parkman Road NW, received a four-year sentence by Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Ronald J. Rice for the probation violation. Heflin was convicted in 2016 on 25 charges related to child pornography.

He was sentenced in December 2016 to a six-month jail stay and five years probation after a relative found 800 images of child pornography on his phone.

He pleaded guilty last week to failing to register his address with the sheriff. He was arrested on the charge and probation violation March 27 and has been held in the Trumbull County Jail since. Jail records state his “out” date is in July 2023.


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