Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 12-17:


Judith I. Bosh to Janice M. Spagnoli, 3476 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A, $88,000

Mathew B. and Phyllis Y. Harwood, to Brittany D. and Ryan R. Ellison, 2733 Beaver Trail, $250,000

Michael Eugene Wright to Nita M. Russomano, 3494 Ivy Hill Circle Unit B, $75,000


Paul J. Stewart to Michael Foist, 927 Housel Craft Road, $161,000

Christopher M. and Rebecca Murphy to Nathan R. and Kaitlyn R. Urick, 2332 Hyde Shaffer, $235,000

Gary P. and Cindi L. Titch to Travor E. and Tiffany L. Titch, 1210 Hyde Oakfield, $125,000


Julianne Mazarek to Amber and Cathy Dunderstadt, 269 Marshall, $129,900

Mose Wengerd Jr. to Steven J. Miller, 1233 Airport, $185,000

Garret S. Smith to Kathyn Elaine Rasmussen, 4416 Templeton, $125,000

Robert and Tamili Ady to Vicky Schwab, 6155 Shafer, $110,000


Charles M. and Jennifer L. Kovach to George D. Scott Jr. and Christina L. Scott, 105 Thornhill, $180,000

David F. Mickey to Justin C. and Kyla Powell, 416 Stahl, $170,000

Marc A. Whetstone and Jessika A. Liber to Durst Holdings LLC, 330 Copperlake East, $178,601


Wally L. and Susan E. Burkholder to Alan Ray and Barbara Yoder, Curtis Middlefield, $100,000

Dale E. and Cynthia E. Harkleroad to Ervin W. and Barbara A. Byler, 5303 Ensign, $160,000


Matthew E. and Jonelle A. Bellin to Kurt O. Seidler, 231 Pawnee, $300,000


William Joseph Garono to Ronald A. Hinkle, 311 Jackson, $118,560

James C. Edelston Jr. to Emily Katherine Perry and Zachary Seech, 546 Meadowland, $133,000

Carolyn G. Gahagan to John J. Brand II, 153 Oak Knoll, $148,000

William R. Craig and Susan Wallace et al to Steven F. and Molly A. Slick, 3936 Pothour Wheeler, $244,600


Otto J. Cavalcante to Amber Lutman, 86868 Bayberry, $154,000

Mary E. Vine and Janice H. Kovac Silvers to Lama Fatimah Green, 1556 Stillwagon, $116,500

Joseph M. Gavit to Joseph Mosher and Danielle McMillin, 4405 Arlington, $134,500

Joan B. Cech to Stephanie J. Cech, 7995 Glen Oaks, $103,500

Richard A. and Sheridan B. Pietzak to Phillip M. and Vanessa Gregory, 8830 Sherwood, $174,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Douglas Lee Wilcox and Lana Lee Wilcox, 2337 Allyson, $41,400

Courtney R. Stevens and John M. Johnson to Tristen Kaso, 2569 Allyson, $118,000

Jesse D. DeJacimo to Blaine N. Armstrong, 7857 Castle Rock, $165,000

William V. Vardavas to Vasilios Pahoulis, 8874 Altura, $115,000


Jaryla Trust to RJF #1 LLC, 207 Bentley, $135,000

RJF #1 LLC to S&K Legacy Properties LLC, 207 Bentley, $122,500

Phyllis L. Starr to Dina Sartini, 28 S. Crandon, $37,000

Shannon L. Simmons and Casey A. Stewart to Brandon M. Neilan, 1716 Gypsy Lane, $118,600


Donald P. and Linda M. Depofi to Christopher W. and Adele C. Riffle, 7597 state Route 305, $110,000


Tonia L. Moore to Marquita Robertson, 3075 Goleta, $67,000

Gary and Deborah Campbell to Timothy W. Perkins, 265 Trumbull, $100,000


Lorrie J. Wells to James D. and Barbara J. Shontz, 1236 Mary Drive, $227,500


Bradley A. Huffman to Cody A. Turner, 2370 Griffith, $124,900


David M. Revezzo to Zachary M. Miller, 1857 Beechwood, $64,500

Janiece Renee Walters to Bernice E. Joseph, 1067 Clearview, $50,000

William A. Benton Sr. to William A. Benton Jr. and Denise McCarthy, South Leavitt, $133,000

Jason P. Davis to Andrew Joseph Sekela, 595 Bonnie Brae, $71,000

Joseph A. and Karen R. Carillio to Nancy Elser, 1540 Moncrest, $37,000

Gary R. Rich to Gary R. Rich, Grant, $47,500

Carol W. Guerrero to Owen R. Stiles and Donna J. Zaben, 220 Lovers Lane, $90,000


Harold A. Boyer to Tyler B. Carroll, 3986 Newton Falls Bailey, $64,000


ARAM Enterprises Inc to Stephen R. Martin and Shelby N. Goldman, Smith Stewart, $309,900

Grace Fellowship Church of Warren to Birds in Flight Sanctuary Inc., 11160 King Graves, $225,000


Rosemary Parilla to Christopher Saloom, 1517 Prospect, $75,000

Nancy Rashid to Franklin B. and Nancy J. Starkey, 2967 Washington, $28,320