On the record – Niles

WHAT: City council meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Michael Lastic, Ryan McNaughton, Barry Profato, PJ. Kearney, Sheri Smith, Linda Marchese, Al Cantola, Barry Steffey Jr. and Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz


• Approved advertising for bids for the North Road waterline replacement project, which is estimated at $267,680 with an Ohio Public Works Commission grant covering $144,547;

• Approved appropriation of $48,870 for the resurfacing of Robbins Avenue between Cleveland Avenue and the Niles eastern corporation limits. The amount is the city’s 20 percent match for the project;

• Heard from Marchese of a bike poker run fundraiser 10 a.m. July 27 on the bike trail to get recycled plastic benches placed along the trail. Mientkiewicz,said there will be a limit on the number of benches for the trail with other benches to be used in other parts of the city to replace aging benches;

• Heard from residents asking if the bocce courts at Waddell Park can be improved. Steffey said they can possibly look at upgrades to the courts in the next round of improvements.

• Heard from Cantola about looking to include West Park Avenue in the next round of street paving. Mientkiewicz said city officials will review the budget to see what funds may be available;

• Voted 6-1 to purchase an aerial unit truck for light department at $130,000. Cantola cast the “no” vote indicating he wanted to wait until a decision was made on what to do with the older vehicle being replaced;

• Heard from representatives of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District about plans to have a five-year capital improvement plan at the district, including $40 million for dam rehabilitation with plans to seek grants and funding. Officials said the MVSD, created in 1926, has infrastructure that is aging;

• Set its next meeting for 6 p.m. Aug. 21.