On the record – Girard

WHAT: City Council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Reynald Paolone, Mark Ragozine, Mark Standohar, Fran Wilson, Thomas Grumley, Lily Martuccio and John Moliterno

ABSENT: Keith Schubert


• Recognized Girard resident Tammy A. King as the 2019 Athena Award recipient from the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce for her impact and leadership in the community;

• Approved an ordinance establishing the position and salary for the alternate clerk of city council. The position will pay $250 per meeting;

• Amended an ordinance requiring retailers to obtain a license for selling tobacco products and product paraphernalia and prohibiting the sale of tobacco product paraphernalia to individuals under age 21. The amended section lowers the yearly license fee for retailers from $150 to $50;

• Approved a resolution declaring the value of property the city plans to acquire through eminent domain for the bike trail. The council approved an appraisal of the property;

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Sept. 9, with a full council caucus beginning at 6:15 p.m.