Warren auditor Flask’s son hired as laborer

WARREN — The son of Auditor Vince Flask has been hired as a laborer in the city’s water distribution department.

Geovanni P. Flask of Leavittsburg applied for the position May 1. The initial pay rate is $9.62 per hour, which is 60 percent of the prevailing rate for the laborer 1 position. Flask must complete 120 working days, or nine calendar months, whichever comes first, prior to being permanently appointed to the position.

The position was posted on March 27, and the posting was removed on April 9, according to the city’s human resources department.

Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa said Flask’s application was one of more than a dozen he reviewed before making his decision, and Flask’s application was one of the last submitted during the application period.

“He fit the criteria for the position,” Cantalamessa said. “For the laborer position, we want someone who is young, strong and willing to learn. The laborer position can be challenging because the workers may be deep in water making repairs during unforgiving weather conditions.”

Cantalamessa said the only test required for those seeking laborer positions is a drug test.

In its job posting, the city notes applicants must have some understanding of reading blueprints, a high school education or equivalent, or a combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

In his application, Flask wrote that he is a graduate of LaBrae High School and has done some vocational training in computer networking at Trumbull Career and Technical Center. Flask wrote in his application that his critical-thinking skills, ability to work independently and his work ethic all would be valuable to an employer. His references included Warren Utilities Director Franco Lucarelli, Warren Mayor Doug Franklin and a former teacher.

Lucarelli, in whose department Flask would be working, said he suspected his name may have been placed on Flask’s application as a reference, but no one contacted him for a reference.

“I was not involved in the hiring process,” Lucarelli said. “I know the auditor and I know his son on a casual basis. I did not supply a recommendation.”

Cantalamessa said he was told all of Flask’s references were checked, including Franklin. The elder Flask said he does not know how his son learned of the position, and he did not make a recommendation.

“It was up to the city’s human resources to determine who they would hire for the position,” Vince Flask said.