TNP salvage sale draws crowd

Landon Kline, Building a Better Warren program coordinator, and Gary Honeywood, Building a Better Warren crew member were bringing items out to the sale all day. This shelving unit came from the garage of a demolished home in Warren. Photo by Beth Shiller

WARREN — Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership’s second annual salvage sale had a great turnout, drawing over 150 people even before the sale opened Saturday morning.

According to land bank program director Shawn Carvin, the event began at 11 a.m., but people were “swarming the sale at 10.”

The sale went well, and TNP was able to close the sale early.

“We had a goal that everything brought out of the warehouse was going to go, and we came pretty close. There were only a couple items still left,” said Matt Martin, TNP exectutive director. “This sale was far bigger than previous sales.”

TNP, with its Building a Better Warren program, offers training and employment in renovation, deconstruction, landscape installation and vacant property maintenance while making Warren a better place to live, according to its website.

The organization decided to host the salvage sale with items and materials from the demolished homes as a way to reduce waste.

“We saw that a lot was just going to the landfill,” Carvin said. “For the summer sale, we are clearing out the warehouse and want to sell all of the salvaged materials.”

The materials included wooden beams from garages that have already fallen, doors, doorknobs, old trim, furniture and shelving.

“From every house that is demolished, we take at least one doorknob,” Carvin said.

Since 2014, TNP and Building A Better Warren have demolished 800 homes, and according to Martin, they have about 500 queued up to be demolished by the end of 2020.

“Not all of them have good stuff, but they all have something,” Martin said.

Most of the people who came to the sale were there in hopes to upcycle items to be used in their homes.

“I have an old house that I am looking to sell and it needs a basement door,” said Kim Armistead of Warren.

Sandra Gatta of Poland said she came to the sale because she heard there would be vintage architectural pieces that she could fix up and use to remodel her home.

“I come to sales like this because they have a lot of stuff you just can’t find anywhere else,” Gatta said.

The number of people at the sale kept the workers busy. They were constantly bringing items out from the warehouse.

“It’s good to see this stuff go,” said Gary Honeywood, a BABW crew member, as he loaded items into peoples’ cars.

All proceeds from the salvage sale go back to TNP to help fund their programs.

“The money goes to help the quality of life in the city,” Carvin said.

TNP sells items year round at their website trumbullcountysalvage.com


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